Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just Couldn’t Do It…..

We had moved the furniture all around to get ready for Aviana's inclined floor. You may remember, it was to go in the living room! Her patterning table had already arrived and was in the office. The house was starting to look like a walking rehab room. I kept telling myself, "You are supposed to be this new and improved person, you're not supposed to care. Remember, don't sweat the small stuff??" I was desperately trying to be calm, cool and collected about the entire situation, but inside….it was killing me!

I have said this many times before: since the accident, my mind is not my own. Well then, who’s is it? That depends on the day!

Here’s an example. My dad was in town visiting, he noticed all the furniture moved around. He knew of our plans to put the monstrosity of a floor in the living room.

Dad: You guys can’t put that floor in the living room!

Me: We’re going to have to Dad.

Dad: That thing is not going to look good and it is not going to fit right.

Me: I know, but it has to go there.

Dad: Can’t you put it in your room?

Me: No, it will get in the way.

Dad: Can’t you put it in the third garage?

Me: (As though a light bulb was shining brightly directly on top of my head) Yes, yes, yes, of course it can go in the garage!!! Why didn't we ever think of that.

Me speaking loudly and excitedly at a million miles a minute and my dad and Dave speaking in normal tones and pace: We’ll put the floor in the garage; we’ll put the patterning table in there too. We’ll clean it all up. We’ll give all of Aviana’s toys away (so sad.) We’ll get a heater. We’ll put indoor/outdoor carpet down. We’ll turn it into Aviana’s very own rehab room.

And within 24 hour time frame…..that’s just what we did!

I have to say, I am happy as a hippo!

Thanks Dad, you’re the best!

Our office, without the patterning table!
Our living room, without the inclined floor.
Avi's patterning table, right where it should be.
Avi's hand crafted inclined floor, right where it should be!
Thank you to Gary, who put countless hours building this piece of art! I felt so bad to have to call him and tell him we had decided to put the floor in the garage. After all, he did make it beautiful enough to go in our house. He didn't mind though :o)


  1. Both your blog and Avi's rehab area look great!

  2. love the new blog look !! HUGS !!

  3. the rehab room in the garage is great. it will feel you are leaving your home to go to rehab (without even leaving) and it will keep your home a place where rehab wont be a consent reminder. your blog is beautiful and so is your family..

  4. Hi Jen,

    I love the newly designed Blog and Garage! I want to comment on one thing, try to reconsider keeping Avi's toys. My son Alex always loved looking and playing with his toys. And still does! I remember his first true toy was a rubber ball that flashed and made obnoxious sound effects when it bounced. He could barely lift that ball, but you know what, just letting it fall out of his hand and hearing the silly noises was all he needed. He soon was throwing that ball across the room! It may take Avi some time to relearn everything, but I'm sure she'll do it! Keep the faith


  5. I love that you have a room dedicated to her recovery, and you still get to look at your home the way it should and can be! Don't feel bad if you have to give some of her toys away, you can always add cheap decorations to hang from the ceiling!!!

  6. Awesome that she has her very own rehab room!
    Gotta feel great that home can still feel like home.
    Love the new blog look also!

  7. If you haven't already, it helps a lot to insulate the garage doors. We used foam panels and there is a 20°F difference from before. The garage stays pretty close to the ambient temperature in the house. Add that to a little space heater and a garage swamp cooler or a/c and you're set.

  8. Oh it's just perfect! And that ramp is probably the most BEAUTIFUL one I've ever seen :) PLEASE keep the stand that it's on...PLEASE!

  9. I agree with Carol--keep the toys! As Avi progresses she will find different things interesting. I have seen David start to do this, especially as his brother brings new ones to his attention. Right now it is a giant flashing cell phone.

    And NICE patterning table!!

  10. I'm with the others - Keep Avi's toys! They're familiar to her and kids love their old toys more than their new. They always go back to the favorites!

  11. Oh what a great idea with the garage! That will be perfect..lots of open space and a separate space for her therapy. Awesome! I love love love the new blog design and that picture on top if my favorite of Avi..HUGS!!

  12. I think you will like having all of her rehab things together in a space like that. I used to help "pattern" a little boy (probably 20 years ago). His family and turned the whole basement into his rehab center. It worked wonderfully!!!

    BTW, Love the new blog look!!

  13. Hi Jen,
    The house looks great! I am so glad you can have some normalcy in your house. It has got to make you feel more in control. Your blog is also great! I like the change it is so pretty.

  14. Your blog is is your home and your new rehab room!!! Love all of it!!! I'm so glad you found a solution that won't drive you crazy on a daily basis! Got your messages...thanks and of course, you can link my blog...BUT...I'm not promising an update anytime soon! :)