Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

I know there are many who do not like Valentine's Day and think of it as a waste of a holiday. I happen to be one that loves everything about it! I love the colors. I love the decorations. I love making pancakes in the shape of hearts or X's and O's. I love the cookies and cupcakes. I love getting all dressed up and going out to dinner. I love it all!

My love for Valentine's Day extended to a certain little one. Last year, she was really starting to understand what this holiday was all about. I can't help but reflect on our previous holidays together.

While we are unable to do the things we would normally do with her this year, we are still enjoying our day today. In our three years together, I have never loved her more and I have also never thought she was quite so beautiful!

While yes, we should tell the ones we love, just that, throughout the entire year. What's wrong with having a day to remind us just in case we haven't quite told them enough?

I love Dave. I love Aviana. I love Kama. I love my entire family. I love all of my friends. I love Gary Allan. I love Zander & Snoozer. I love every one of you that care enough for our family to follow along. I love Butch Walker. I love my neighbor's.

I am so thankful for every one of these people. I didn't think it was quite possible to love them more, but in light of what has happened to our family, I want to make a conscious effort to hold each of them just a bit closer.

I hope you are having a beautiful Valentine's Day. I hope you are celebrating the ones you love!


  1. Love you, Jen, Dave and Aviana!!!

    Your cuz,


    (Booo blogger!!)

  2. What beautiful pictures! Past and Present! She is an angel indeed and those cheeks on that child are so yummy looking! lol...just so kissable! I too, love Valentines day..It is a day filled with love..surely the best kind of day! HUGS

  3. I just got a chance to read the update you posted a few days ago. Even though the progress feels so slow, I think she has made great progress. It is very encouraging.

  4. **Hugs**

    I forgot to tell you that when we went out shopping on my birthday, I saw the perfect swimsuit for Avi at the Disney store. It had the cute cover up and sunglasses, too. Maybe she'll be up for a little water therapy this summer?