Monday, June 18, 2012

Two of Hearts

I have found some of my closest, and most supportive friends in some of the most unexpected places. For this I am beyond grateful.

I know you've heard me speak of both Trina and Dixie numerous times on this blog. The funny thing is, I've never met either, but have so wanted to.

Trina lives in Southern California and just so happened to be coming up to San Francisco with one of her nine children. She asked if it might be possible that I could meet her. Hmmm....let me think, um YEAH!! I am so grossly behind on posting, because this was somewhere around the beginning of May : / But anyway...

It was pretty last minute, but Dixie lives nearby, so I immediately got in touch with her, and we set the plan in motion. I was going to meet Trina and her daughter Avery, and then after, go meet Dixie. Two people whom I've never met, but two who have loved and supported us through the worst of our lives. How could I ever thank them enough?

Trina was exactly as I thought she would be, and more. She was kind, loving, open and honest. She is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. She has nine children, yet always has time for me. If you've been reading a while, you might remember, she found us early on and held our hand and walked us through. Sadly, her daughter was in an accident when she was 4 years old and suffered a brain injury too.

I will never be able to put into words how grateful I am for her, and her loving spirit. It was so nice to finally meet her!

Trina's daughter Avery, was sweet, and spunky, and everything a girl her age should be. We had a great time in San Francisco together. We went shopping and to lunch, and then they carried on for the rest of the weekend together with a group of Girl Scouts.

Trina takes the most amazing pictures, she allowed me to take these from her blog : )

Isn't Avery adorable!


As I was driving into San Francisco, I paid the bridge toll, began to cross and ironically, this most beautiful song began to play on my playlist...

As I was leaving SF, I was stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. I looked in my side mirror and saw this most beautiful site ; ) Mmmm....I soaked it all in!


Dixie has been someone I have wanted to meet for a long time, too. We have tried for a little while now to connect, but for one reason or another it hasn't been easy. Dixie has been a constant source of love and support for our family. She's there for us like no other. 

I find it fascinating how close she and I have become. We have never met, but are amazingly close. We speak to each other like we've known one another for years. She's a wealth of information, but yet her delivery of all that knowledge is in a kind and loving manner. Do you know what I mean? Do you know this kind of person? If you have ever read one of her comments you would understand exactly what I mean. 

I got to her house, and could honestly have stayed forever. We were like Chatty Kathy dolls, talking, talking, talking. It was so nice. 

She has fostered many, many, babies. This little sweetheart below is Baby Daisy. If I'm being quite honest, I'm not big on babies, but this I loved this little one. She melted my soul. I almost put her in my purse and took her home. Would anyone have noticed? Yes, Dixie, the biggest baby person on the planet! 

Dixie's world brightens at the word baby, just as mine at the word dog. She could take dogs, or leave them. We both laugh at each other's difference of opinion, yet appreciate the fact that we exist in the world for the other. That's the beauty, right?

I am blessed beyond belief to know these two women. My life is so much better, so much richer, and for that I am thankful.

I love you both!


  1. I scrolled down in fear of what pics you might have posted. I told you to get my thin side....I guess you did.

    Miss Daisy left today to go live with her parents in what will be a less than fantasy placement. I wasn't going to cry, but when the driver gave me a hug, I did. She's my last baby and I ended with the perfect gem.

    I'm pretty sure that everyone who reads your blog (but has never met you) has figured out that you are as real as you seem, but in case there are doubts, Jen is the person we would all like to have for a neighbor....and it's not about the pie! Well, maybe a little bit about the pie. :)

    Love you lots,

  2. Jen, you are so sweet with all the nice things you always say. Let me just tell you that MY life has been blessed from knowing YOU. I'm so glad you're my friend. It was so wonderful to finally meet you, and when we walked around the mall, shopping and talking, it felt like I've always known you. I love that you drove out to meet up with us! (( I'm sorry I didn't give you much notice ~ I'm amazed that you could pull it off! )) I agree with Dixie ~ I wish you lived next door! You'd be an awesome neighbor. Plus, then I could come over in my PJ's very late at night and help you bake those pies. Well, okay...I'd probably not be doing much of the baking, but I'd sure be there to tell you which ones taste the best. Seriously, I'd probably gain 50 pounds if you lived next door.

    Trina :)

  3. i am so glad for you jen that you were finally able to meet your two angels.....i have read their posts to you and can see how much they care and their wit and wisdom always at just the right moment in your life!!!

    awesome picture of MY CITY too!!!