Thursday, June 21, 2012

It Takes a Village

I don't know what I did to get so lucky, but I did! When we were thinking of going to Nashville, Dave told me to go ahead and go with my Dad and he would take care of Aviana. We don't usually take trips without each other. I can only think of one other time I decided to hang back, and that was when he went to Whistler with our friend Freddy. I didn't have to take on the responsibility of a child though. At the time, I just had to make sure Kama was loved enough for the both of us, and that was always a given.

I felt even worse when I found out the Gary Allan Fan Club Party was being held on a Tuesday. A Tuesday? Dave didn't even bat an eye. He said he would take the days off work. That was just crazy to me, as all of Dave's vacation days since the accident have been spent at the Brain Injury Institute in Philadelphia! The only other days he has taken are a few attached at the beginning or end of a weekend here or there. 

So, I devised a plan. I ever so sweetly asked Rainey if she could babysit for me. With her sweet, little eyes set squarely on me, she said, "Mama, when I was on the streets, it was all Hard Times USA. I had to fight for my food. Then, I got snatched up by the doggy Po Po. I was so scared. But then you, Daddy, and Avi came along, and plucked me from that cold, concrete, pound. You have loved me like I never dreamed anyone could. Before I can even wish for something, it just appears. Of course I'll watch my sister while Daddy is at work."

These were actually stills from the Nanny Cam while I was gone.

Ugh...Mommy was right, feedings are hard! It's much easier though when I feed her in my bed.  I wish I could talk, or had a thumb so I could type Mommy a comment on her blog, then I could tell her to try it. She's on that Topamax and can't take a clue from this picture though...

It's ok Avi...she'll be back soon.


Ok so maybe we didn't leave her entirely with Rainey. 

I asked the school if Aviana could go an extra couple of days, and they agreed. I think I've told you this, but I was in search of our own Respite person, meaning not one they send out, but one you find yourself. I started asking around soon after we lost all of our nursing. The girl who does my hair said she had the perfect person for us, who also happened to work at the salon. Her name is Natalie and yes, she is perfect. 

Natalie has been coming over, on and off, for a number of months. She would watch Avi for a few hours every Wednesday, or every other, before Aviana started school, so I could run a few errands. She's pretty amazing. I asked her if she could help while I was gone, she said she could.

So the plan was, Dave would get Aviana up and off to school, and would go in late to work, and then Natalie would get here in time to catch Aviana off the bus. She would take care of Aviana until Dave got home from work. Dave would then take it from there. 

Because of these two, I was able to go, and see, and enjoy. 

I am lucky. 

I feel blessed. 

I am so thankful for having the best partner ever. He picks up not only where I leave off, but so much more. He knows how difficult this life can be, and understands how important it is for me to just get away from it at times. He is more than cognizant of how up close and personal I am to our situation.

As I have said so many times before, Dave never complains, he just does what needs to be done. With every call home, everything was going perfectly. Actually, on Monday when I called, he said I have to go, your Mom and Gary are here. Your Mom brought me a bunch of meals, because my wife left me with no food : ) Ahhh....I see my Mama is spoiling you. Good! 

When I called to tell him we were stuck in Denver due to a severe weather delay, and wouldn't be home until about 3am, what does he do, he offers to get Avi off to school in the morning so I could sleep. Of course I said, no way. When I finally did get home, the house looked great, the feedback from the school was great. He rocks.

The divorce rate is awfully high in the special needs community. We haven't been fortunate in the obvious, but I try very hard to stay focused on what we have been blessed in. 


  1. Dave sounds great & so do you. Yay for good marriages! We are definitely in the minority.

  2. i had no doubt in my mind when you told me you and your dad were gonna go see gfa that dave would have it all under control!

    you have a wonderful MISTER!!! and i have seen up close and in living color how well you to strive to take care of each other....

    loved the pics of rainey watching avi....or was avi watching rainey?!