Thursday, June 7, 2012

Since I've Been Gone

A lot has been going on! Some great, some not so great. It's been really busy around here. I'm sorry I haven't been able to even stop in and say hi. Let's see, I guess I'll break this down into bits and pieces...that is, if I can even remember them all.

My Brother

He made the difficult decision to sell his house and possibly move cross country. For a multitude of reasons, this hasn't been easy on our family. We have been physically and emotionally busy packing 12 years of his home into boxes over the past few weeks. 

I share in closing of his chapter, as when my brother's house was finished being built, I was the one who moved straight into his house out of college. My brother happened to still be working in the bay area at the time, and I had been hired by a company and was moving to town from Chico. I lived in his house for about a year by myself. My brother later moved in and we then lived there together until Dave and I got married and our current home was completed. 

My brother's place housed memories for so many, and it has been really sad to have had to take it all down and put it all away. The whole experience took a deep toll on all of us.

Peace, Love, and Pie

As always, pie runs rampant in this home! As things have been shakin' up in the emotional department though, the pie count has been on the rise! Pie calms the mind, body and spirit. 

Actually, I don't know about that lately though. I've had pie problems. I've been struggling through my arch nemesis of pie, which is berry with a lattice top...that oozy little sucker! I have been researching my butt off, day and night, I tell you! But, I finally got you - berry with your criss cross more bubbling on my beauty baby for you! 

Anyway, pie soothes the it has been piping pie central around these parts! I have a million pictures to put on the other blog, but I haven't the time lately!


She is doing well. I think she likes school. Dave called me one day after she got home from school and asked me if she had a good day. I asked him how I was supposed to tell. He was kind of stumped. I had been thinking a lot about how to answer that particular question, as I had been asked often. After a little thought, Dave told me he thought the way to tell was if she fell asleep when she got home. So now, that is how we tell. 

I think she's enjoying everything. I have been into her classroom a few times and she lifts her head and looks at me. The staff is more than I could ever have asked for. They are all truly amazing people and like I've said before, this is the single best decision we could've made at this point in her life. 

We had to do what we did before, but now...this is the time for her to be in school. 

I have so many pictures of our little love bug to share with you : )

Kip Moore 

I no longer listen to the radio because when a certain black beauty was a pup, she chewed up the antennae in the back of my car. We had been waiting to make sure she had for sure grown out of that stage before we replaced it, as we found out that since it is embedded in the back window, we have to replace the whole thing. 

Well in the meantime, they announced that my favorite new artist opened a date in the area. My friend Sara happened to hear,  and let me know. I immediately got tickets. As you may know, I only pull crazy type stunts for the few I LOVE (and he now qualifies) ~ but I cooked in the 100 degree summer sun (and if you know me, I refuse to go outside in that kind of weather) for hours, to make sure we would be front and center for his show. It was a long day, through four other bands, but my gosh...was he worth it!!


Two days after Kip Moore, my dad and I left for Nashville. We were supposed to get home at midnight, but due to some severe storms in Denver, we ended up getting home this morning at 3am. We had the best trip ever. We went to see the Gary Allan Fan Club Party and fireflies. I had never seen one in my entire life and I have to say, those little things are some of the most amazing creatures ever! We also went to Graceland. I'll go into much more detail later, but I have to go make some pies right now. 

Dopamax/Stupimax...I mean, Topamax

I am still adjusting to my new dose, and with that has come a host of the same cognitive issues as before; forgetting things, losing words, my grammar has taken a huge hit, etc. With that, sometimes writing a post can be a difficult thing. It takes me much longer, so at times, I steer clear. 

Just when I think I'm adjusting to this new dose, something hugely wrong happens. A declined credit card, or three, because I forgot to pay the bills?!?!?!? Or, showing up to the Gary Allan Fan Club Party, in Nashville, way later than I wanted, because I had the time wrong by 2 hours. Things that are not me, at all. 

But guess what? I went on vacation, and to a concert for the first time in YEARS and didn't get a headache or have to do a shot, leads me to believe I'm finally getting somewhere : ) : )

It's a bitter pill to swallow though, literally, when you've been one way your entire life, and that way is - really on top of every little detail, and then, you are's awful! It's embarrassing! 

I'm like white on rice with these concerts, and for this to happen, for this all too important show...I was devastated! I was in the 7th row. I wanted to die. If you know me, you know I may as well be in the 52nd row! Topamax got the best of me! 

It's weird too, because on Friday for Kip, golden. All my ducks in a row, right up front. For Gary Allan, the show is in Nashville, Tennessee, I purchased the tickets back in January, we were flying out from California, I have received countless email confirmations, I had even called and talked to the fan club just two weeks How could that have happened? I ask myself this very same question all the time on this stupid drug? Oh well, what's done is done. It was still a great show! He was still awesome. Nashville is one of the best places I have ever been in my whole life : )

And, as far as Topamax...I know the alternative, and living with these headaches for the past 19 years....that's a slow death in itself. So...I'll take slightly stoopid. You guys, I was just kidding...I know how to spell stuped ; )

I just wanted to let you all know we are alive and well. I'm sorry to those who worried, I didn't mean to be gone so long. It wasn't my intent...time definitely got away from me!

I'll be back with more pictures then you probably want to see : )


  1. When you don't blog for a long time I worry. But then I should talk because my blog is way behind. And I blame the month of June with all of it's year-ending activities for the kids.

    I'm glad to hear Avi is falling asleep when she gets home from school . And it made me happy to hear that she lifts her head to look at you when you come into her classroom :) I agree with you about this being the time she needs to be in school. Totally agree.

    I hope the headaches stay away!! Glad to hear the meds seem to be working. I forget things and mis-speak all the time but yet I'm not on that medication, so what's my excuse? Hey, don't you dare say AGE. I'm not THAT much older than you :)

  2. I was very worried. So happy to hear all is well.

  3. I found your blog recently. Just thought I'd let you know that I completely understand about the Topamax! I have been on it for the last 3 years and I know exactly what you mean about the grammar taking a hit. I'm sorry that you are struggling with it too. I haven't been on it for the last 9 months (I'm pregnant) and I finally feel like I can "find" the words that I am looking for during a conversation. It used to drive me crazy while i was teaching! Hope it gets better for you!

  4. Love you. Miss you. Glad all is well.

  5. ooooooh i am SOOOOO VERY VERY VERY sorry to hear about 7th row. you know i totally understand and empathize with you :( .....but yes stup-o-max is the culprit! at least on the bright side you survived it all withOUT a headache or need for a shot!!!! and there is ALAWAY next year....gfa will host another party for you!!!

    i wanna hear more details on the party AND about kip....i love the soundcheck you sent me!!!!

    and also more about school!!! i am guessing that avi is having a blast and i think gauging it by whether or not she takes a nap when she gets home is the best way to know

    AND excited to hear more about your berry criss-cross and other pie adventures (in the other blog)

    me ke alohas!!!!!