Monday, June 18, 2012

The Feeding Food Chain

I forgot to include this picture in my previous post. It was from my uncle's birthday. My mom was feeding Aviana, and I had just sliced up some birthday pie. I was attempting to feed my mom a bite!

My uncle captured this moment so perfectly ; )

Aviana's eyes say it all, "wait a tick, is that chocolate cream pie on her spoon, and still this healthy stuff on mine? Oh hell noooo! It's time to lock this jaw on up!"


Thank you so much for the suggestions for feeding, we have already started implementing some of them!

Thank you also to those who sent us messages of support for the 3 year anniversary of the accident yesterday. I was truly amazed how you remembered! We so appreciated your thoughts and well wishes. It was a really good day this year in celebration of the dads!

We spent a great weekend in Tahoe; sharing in a wedding, going to the beach, and celebrating Father's Day. It was perfect in every way! 


  1. Love this pic! I was also thinking of you yesterday - not sure where to post, but wanted to let you know! HUgs!

  2. OK, that picture is pretty funny. I thought maybe you and your mom were modeling correct eating behavior for Avi.