Monday, June 25, 2012


Before I go into the other post, the post that's been marinating in my mind for a few weeks...I wanted to share some pictures with you : )

Amy's sister got married last weekend in Tahoe and we had one of the best times ever! I know this is a boatload of pictures, but it was too much fun, and too beautiful not to post a ton!

This first one is of really bad quality, but I had to lighten it to show you what was going on. Amy and I have a history of unintentionally dressing like eachother. 

Dave and I were meeting her at the hotel, so we could watch her son Cooper while she went out on the lake with her sister, and ton of others. 

When we got there, she met me in the lobby and wouldn't you know it ~ twins.


Bye Bye Amy, and all others.

It was so amazingly beautiful. The perfect weekend for a wedding!

Can you see her? There's a Ray in that deep, blue water. Dave took her for a swim while we were at the hotel.

After watching Cooper, we made our way over to my Dad's house. Aviana was really tired and fell asleep, with her head up...I might add : ) It was really funny, so I started snapping away.

After a week of making five other pies for the end of the school year, and other Fathers. I wanted to make one for my Dad. I was busy making one at this time!

And...there it went.

"I Love My Daddy Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie" 

We took Aviana, and the dogs to the beach the next day. It was perfect.

What a beautiful, beautiful girl!

She was so tired. Two days of swimming in a row, and playing with Snoozy Boy for three days...oh my!

We then went to lunch, but Aviana was tired from laying on the beach.

I love her little fingers.

Wedding ready.

I never had too many pictures with Kama, so I'm now making it a point to get a bunch with Rainey. We had a mini photo shoot before we left.

I love this one of her. She has so many facial expressions. It's not very often you can actually see her, because she's so black. I love how you can see her little ears and all her white in this one.

Ahhh...puppy love. That's the sweetest, kindest, little face eva!


As you can see, they got married right on the water, on the pier.

Dave and Jill. 
The happy couple.

They planned one of the best weddings we've ever been to and were simply, without a doubt, two of the most gracious hosts.

My mom told us to gets tons of pictures. As we were sitting at dinner, I realized we had forgotten to get even one of Amy and I. We had to make up for lost time. 

I grabbed my girl and we did what we do best....

act a fool.

That's what happens when you're from Tahoe,

You become a real life tree hugger!

Now, where's the granola?

You know we're always striving for our best Romy and Michelle. 

I spared you from the 'outtakes.' They were off the hook!

Heels + Tahoe terrain + two clumsy girls = bad!

This was our best Victoria Beckham.

So we finished all our pictures and I went back to my respective Table 5, while Amy sat at her Table 3. I was freezing by then and of course did not bring a jacket, so I grabbed Dave's. I slipped into it, and shortly thereafter looked up throughout the sea of Table 4, and immediately saw the back of Amy in her husband Tracy's suit jacket. Of course, she didn't bring any sort of jacket either. 

Doesn't Amy look amazing in this picture? She looked absolutely gorgeous all night long!!

Oh Tahoe, how I miss you so.


  1. Yay for fun times!

    Avi looks so sweet in her carseat, in her polka-dot dress. Her cheeks look so rosy I want to squeeze 'em!

    Wow - what a beautiful wedding! The bride's dress looks awesome, and with the sunset in the background... picture perfect.

    Tell Amy I said high five, she has got the Victoria Beckham pose down pat!

  2. You brought a dress! I'm so proud of you! Gorgeous wedding, have been waiting for the pictures!

    Love you!

  3. awww you gals look fantastic!!!

    and i love the pretty dress AND the color in your hair!

    and OF COURSE miss avi & miss rainey look AB FAB too!

    TAHOE is sooo picture pretty

  4. What a beautiful place to have a wedding....and to be at one! I loved all the pics!

  5. wow looks like fun! I wish we could have gotten to Tahoe when we adopted Benjamin, but the record snow closed the pass down.
    Can you get my venting spot to work? I think we are the only 2 on it and now it gives me an error message.

  6. I adore those pictures of you and Amy. So happy you have such wonderful friends in your life. Love the Tahoe wedding. Gorgeous.