Friday, June 15, 2012

Good Question

Someone asked a great question about Aviana's food.

"Forgive me if you have already tried this, but since you are no longer on the program, is it possible to change what you feed her? Is it possible she really can't palate the food?"

Thank you for asking! I meant to include this, and forgot : ) We have tried to change it up, and make it more interesting. We have run the gauntlet all the way down to her former favorite of Taco Bell. Some things work for a few bites, and then not. We are to the point where we will give her anything just to get her to open her mouth. 

So, if she's not going to open her mouth, we stick to what's good for her. Her doctor thinks it's a control thing. Since it's the only thing in her whole life she has control over, she's taking the opportunity! Makes sense, frustrating, but it makes sense. 

That was a great question. 

I so welcome any help, or suggestions!


  1. Jen, just wanted you to know I'll be thinking about you tomorrow, on June 17, with love and hugs. -kate

  2. I was a behavioral therapy feeding therapist for 7 years. If you can find something she likes (music, videos, a special toy), then every time she takes a bite you give her the reinforcer for a few seconds. That continues for the entire meal. Eventually, she would have to take more bites to get the reinforcer. The key is finding a good reinforcer and only using it for meals. Good luck!!

  3. (this isn't post-specific but..)

    Holy Heck ... I just got 'caught' up on it "ALL". Our gmails went hijacked right when Avi was about to have liver biospy.

    I cannot get my head around "ALL" of the rest. You'd better still be going to therapy cuz sister that is A LOT to have sitting inside your heart, brain, and soul. That's MORE of the kind of stuff, like you do not have enough already?! wha??, that will sabotage your peace of mind...and your health.

    Praying for Aviana...