Saturday, September 10, 2011

What Am I to Do?

Every so often I buy a trashy magazine. I was just looking through my new Us magazine and thought, "Wow, Justin Bieber came out with a perfume for women? Isn't he like 17? I know he is a super talented, but perfume?" I passed it by, but later opened it out of curiosity. It smells so good. So what do I do?

I can hear it now...

"Oooooh, you smell so good. What are you wearing?"

"Justin Bieber."

I  know. If it smells good, buy it.

But if I go out and get it, does that mean I have Bieber Fever?

I'm 36.

I just can't stop my mind from wondering.


  1. My kids love JB. I was never that into him. I saw him at Wango Tango in 2010.. He was cute...but eh...just didn't do much for me. Then I watched the Never Say Never DVD and....I was changed. I suddenly had Bieber Fever. He was just SO DANG CUTE as a little guy! In his snow suit when he was lie, three or four....OMGOsh! So cute. Now...I love him. And I'm 42. Well...I love him in a kid sort of way, of course.

  2. Bieber perfume smells really good. Maybe it's okay to smell like a what a 17 year old hormonal boy would want to smell??? Buy it. I will if you will.

  3. see what I mean? Trash magazines are EXCELLENT for your mental health! They keep you thinking about trivial stuff!!

  4. You might have to fight Emma for him. She's going to marry him, you know. ;)

  5. Are YOU calling my respectable US weekly trashy? :) I have had a subscription to US weekly for three years. I just let it expire this past month. Last week at the grocery store I was rifling through it in the check out line like a drug addict searching for her fix. :) Matt was like, what are you doing? I guess it was pretty noticeable. :)
    Anyway, I can see your predicament about the perfume. Hmmm. Just say it is J.B. and quickly follow with how has your mom been? :) If not, try the new Jennifer Aniston perfume. I smells really good too!