Wednesday, September 21, 2011


We skipped one of the most important things we were supposed to do during The Honeymoon. We were supposed to go away, just the two of us. We started the program without ever crossing that, all too important thing, off our list. I knew it was a big mistake, so we decided to go spend the night in Tahoe. Are you tired of hearing about and seeing pictures of Tahoe. Yes, we were up there three out of four weekends this past month. 

We got a room in Squaw Valley. I have been going up there since I was 3.5 and have always driven by Eagle Rock, seen the people overlooking the lake from the top, but have never taken the short hike up to see it for myself. We dropped Aviana off at my dad's and the first thing we did was go to the top of that rock. It was awesome!! I can't believe I hadn't done it sooner?

This looks like a Where is Waldo picture!

Can you see the road way down below? 

I could have stayed up there all day!

 We then went over to Squaw. 
I love this fireplace and wish I had one just like it in my backyard ;o) 

Dave golfed the next day.

I was going to ride on the golf cart, but then decided I really should go to the spa and learn to relax. I reluctantly booked a body scrub and gave myself a little pep talk, "Come on Jen, you can do this. You did it in Cabo. You liked it." As it was coming down to it, I was backpedaling. You may remember I run from anything relaxing in that way. The morning of, I called and changed it to a pedicure because it would be faster and something I needed. I wear flip flops all too much and my heels pay the price. I am much like a runaway bride, but with the spa. I planned an escape route, many more times, but am happy to say I stayed the course ;o)

Dave still had many hours left golfing, so I went to my favorite pier. It was extra perfect that day. The weather. The breeze. The water. The smell...all perfect. Tahoe is a slice of heaven on earth.

Ha! This is what the lake looks like when you are laying down ;o)

Aviana had a nice time with my dad. He spoiled her with all the foods she should not have. He fully believes she should be eating what she likes, not exactly what she is supposed to have. He fed her macaroni and cheese, ice cream, and even made her eggs for breakfast.

I had my doubts that she would want to come home with us ; )


  1. You look happy, relaxed and refreshed. Tahoe isn't that far away and you really should spend some more time up there while the weather is still nice. Glad you were able to go away.

  2. So so so so glad you were able to get away, just the two of you!

    I'll call you tonight.

    Love you.

  3. Your pictures make me want to visit Tahoe! :0)

  4. SO gorgeous! I was hoping that you were away. I have got to get there!