Friday, September 9, 2011

Oh, That Girl

When Snoozer visits, Rainey is the biggest menace. We used to take Snoozer's collar off every time he was over because Rainey would drag him around the house by it. Once the collar was off though, she started grabbing his face and pulling him around. My dad figured, better the collar than his sweet little face. 

It's honestly eerie how many of Kama's traits Rainey possesses. Kama used to dangle a toy out of her mouth and every time Zander went for it, she would either run away or turn her back towards him. This would go on for hours. Rainey does the exact same thing with Snoozer. He is one of the sweetest dogs ever just takes it all in stride.

"You want this? Watch my fancy foot work as I dance away from your pitbull face, boy!"

"Here you go, you can have it...just come here."

"Seriously Snooze, come on...."

"Ummm yum, let me take a bite out of your face."

"I don't think so, my ladybug!"

Ha! Here's our stoner girl! So happy to have her ladybug to herself!

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