Tuesday, September 13, 2011



  1. AWW, yeah! Give me the details!! You look extremely incredible, so I KNOW it had to go well. You picked the perfect outfit too. Come on! :)

  2. Great pictures! Yes, we definitely want more details!

  3. How freaking fantastic!!! Your Gary Allen is my Jim Westbrook (Little Big Town). I'm so mad that I didn't pay the stinkin $20 sign up for their fan club. Then I could have done a meet and greet with them. Ugh!

  4. Where did my post go?
    I swear I just typed it!!!
    ....ok let's see if I can remember what I said?

    Well, First of all....YOU ARE RIGHT! You two make a BEAUTIFUL COUPLE! And that 'other' jen might just get lucky call if he thinks you were her teehee!

    I'm sorry the m&g was not everything we dreamed it would be....next time will be better! At least we know it's partly because of the road delay...partly because of those freakin VIP peeps ....

  5. Oh yea....and you can TOTALLY SEE HOW RUSHED he was....he's wearing EXACTLY what he wore on stage....usually he would have time to change clothes between the m&g and showtime!

  6. How awesome!! Gary is my favorite!