Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The GFA Show

There were a few highs and lows. I won't go into crazy detail, but for those who are wondering...

So I have come to a conclusion, I have brain damage by association. Funny? No. It wasn't meant to be...but it's true. I run the risk of you thinking I am a concert snob, but that's okay because I kind of am. Everyone goes to concerts for different reasons though. I go to get as up close and personal as I can ;o)

I used to go to them and not mind too much if I wasn't right up front. Over the years, I have had a total change of heart. I usually do my homework thoroughly and MAKE SURE if I am going to a show, I am up front. For my main shows: Cheap Trick, Butch Walker, Gary Allan...it is mandatory. I want to see everything. I want to feel the music. I want them to sweat on me (yeah, I said it). I don't want to miss anything.

Due to my daughter inflicted brain injury, I failed miserably. Before I purchase my tickets, I usually call the venue to make sure there isn't any VIP seating. Anytime there is VIP seating, I opt out and wait for another date, as my best chance is seats behind them.  I am the person who will wait 5-12 hours in line if it means I am directly under the man! I purchased the tickets through the Fan Club without checking into it and paid dearly. There were many VIP rows :o( I went to Will Call to pick my tickets up and upon opening them I almost fell over backwards. Row 11????????? As my friend Judianne said, "We may as well have been on the ceiling." But actually, that probably would have been better.

So, I tried to stuff my disgust of the seats and enjoy the show. He had surgery last year on his vocal cord and I had not seen him since. He sounded absolutely amazing!!!!! They put on a GREAT SHOW! There was a huge highlight at the end. His dog Lucy came out onto the stage and ran around while they played. She then went to the top of the stage and patiently waited for him to finish the show. He then went up and they left together. It truly melted my dog loving heart.

As for the Meet & Greet...I wasn't sure what to expect, but while the crew and Gary Allan were very nice, it was super rushed. It felt much like cattle quickly being herded through. I am sorry to say this, but as I hugged him, I wasn't quite sure whether to say hi, or moo. I did get one more hug before I was ushered out. I honestly didn't want to let go of him!

Because I wasn't sure how it would go, I did write him a letter. I couldn't let this opportunity pass without letting him know just how much he means to me and how much his music has helped me through my darkest days.

During the show he did say they almost didn't make it that night. They were driving up from Laughlin and got stuck. He said they arrived at 7pm. The Meet and Greet was to start at 7, and the show was supposed to start at 8. I met him at 7:40 and there were still some people behind me. So he definitely had reason to be rushed. I don't know how they normally go though.

Overall, it was a good night ;o)

This was my favorite song from the night. This video is not from that night though. This is my Aviana song...

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  1. Truly! The ceiling would have been ideal! If only that freakin female dog hadn't been sitting next to Victoria ......

    But you're so right his voice was AMAZING!

    I'm so glad I got to spend Sunday with you :) and no worries 'bout your brain damage....I'll be your wingman! Anytime :)