Friday, August 6, 2010

Uncle Roger

Avi has always had a special connection with her Uncle Roger. When they caught a glimpse of each other, the hugest smile would appear.  She would always look forward to seeing him, and still does.

After the accident occurred, he was a constant at the various hospitals. The staff knew him as well as they knew us.

When Aviana was in therapy at UCD and Kaiser, he would go to many sessions. He would be along side me, learning all there was to learn.

One of the most difficult and stressful times for us was as the entire insurance aspect unfolded. Uncle Roger was there for all of us with great advise, and most of all, continuous support.

I don't know if you remember, but he and his wife Rella were the ones who courageously took on the task of hand delivering Avi to Philadelphia for our very first trip to The Institute. They not only brought Aviana, but spent many long hours with us listening, learning, and helping.  Prior to that, he was assisting my Mom with Aviana's constant care.

Roger has consistently come over at least one day a week ever since we have been home from the hospital. He jumps right in, like an extension of us. His knowledge of her care stretches far and wide.  He knows everything from all of her therapies to her ever-changing feeding needs.

He is not only a constant presence, but he is also a continual source of ideas, articles, dvd's, books and just plain knowledge. He is fascinated by the brain and forwards every single bit of potentially helpful information our way.

Roger~ We could never put into words how much you mean to us,  and just how incredibly thankful we are to have you.  We love and appreciate you so much!

Avi has always loved her Uncle Roger.

Easter sure can be tiring!

My favorite while in the hospital.

I love this one too.

Early in the morning, before a long day at The Institute.

You may remember this oldie, but goodie! She wants to be just like him, wear his glasses, read books he recommends ; )

Roger is a calming force. Aviana is always so relaxed when he is around. 

At times, they even dress like each other!


  1. Avi is so precious! I love the last picture of the two of them together - so relaxed and happy. Also - so glad that you got away - what an awesome ride!

    Girl we are praying for you daily and sending you tons of smiles!

  2. these pictures bring tears of joy to my eyes.....i can see the love they have for each other

    every little girl needs an 'uncle roger' she is so blessed to have him in her well, i am sure as he is to have her!

  3. The last picture is absolutely precious!

  4. You can tell he loves her so much, in pictures and in person.

  5. Oh how sweet! You can tell that they share such an amazing bond. They look so comfortable and happy together. She is so lucky to have such an wonderful uncle!

  6. He looks exactly as you describe him; supportive, calming and kind. I'm so glad Avi loves him so much!

  7. now he sounds like one wonderful man. How lucky you all are to have him. those are some really sweet pictures of them together.

  8. The mutual love is obvious. What a gift :)

  9. I'm very jealous you have Uncle Roger.
    Hard to explane.
    So much love around your family. Avi
    is priceless. And loved from here and back.
    Love to you and your entire family.

  10. Dang - I want an Uncle Roger! I want a calming force in my life!

    What a GREAT role model a guy like that is for ALL men in ALL families. He's not a fair weather fan ... that's amazing.

    Makes me wanna be a better person, Auntie, sister!

    Uncle Roger - I think you are a force to be reckoned with!!!! "The Brain" betta watch out cuz Unc Roger is on the plate!

    I feel a homerun comin' on!