Thursday, August 19, 2010


I am so behind on posting pictures from this past month....

Ummm, Yummy, Green Goo!!

Little bunny, kicking back in the swing!

One of the best experiences of my whole life, holding a Giant Walking Stick. Funny, because I had just recently taught Avi about this beautiful, amazing creature, and BAM...there it was!

Yes, that would be me, putting a huge cockroach on my baby.

I think it goes well with her dress, don't you?

She had enough of my antics and decided to drift off.


Now for my favorites, the sleeping beauty pictures.

Avi and her Kama look alike.

Avi said, "Enough with the look alike, I want the real thing."



  1. awesome pictures....not so sure about the bugs but the sleeping princess is a-dor-a-ble!!!

  2. I like the bunch of posts all together, its nice to get caught up. Looks like she had a super fun birthday, I really like the one of Dave riding int helocopter ha ha!
    Thats is an amazing stick bug, we had some for awhile but they keep reproducing really fast but none got big like that. We are all about bugs and such here, Maya would have loved all those things.
    I guess if your swearing has calmed you might have moved to a different point in your life, but still there's a time of the month its just hard to deal, so if the swearing comes back then you will know why. Happy Birthday Again Avi!!!!

  3. I LOVE the sleeping pictures too!! Precious! I just love seeing Aviana and Kama sleeping together. Just a beautiful relationship they have.
    You had written on my blog about your 'naive' belief that terrible things couldn't happen twice to people. I used to think that too and even thought that as I was driving to see Riley on Sunday. I'm so sad to say that in my family it just isn't true. But the only thing I can do about it is to learn from them and love deeper. For you, I pray your challenges with Aviana are 'all' you have to endure.

  4. The pictures are so so great to see! Thank you for posting them. You guys look like you are enjoying life and that is what it is all about.