Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Swear

Yes, I cuss.

You may not know, or like it...hell I don't even like it.  To me, it can be such an unattractive quality, but in my life, so necessary at times.  Okay let's be honest, if you ask me, necessary at a lot of times.

Below, you will find the cuss-o-meter.

When Avi used to throw up...


When I would blow food all over the couch....


When I shot purple food all over the ceiling....

Like a sailor.

When I would be doing my ump-teenth load of laundry....


When goo would erupt like a volcano, covering everything in sight.


When I would break glass....

Like a crazed lunatic.

I think I just may have turned over a new leaf!

In the past week,

I have broken glass....

nothing, just went and got the broom.

Dropped and almost broke more glass (scared my fish to death, as it bounced off his bowl)

nothing, carried on.

Shot food all over Avi and the couch....

nothing, just went and got a boat load of towels.

Dave broke glass....

nothing, just went over and helped him clean it up.

Got glass in my finger....

nothing, just dealt with it.

Dropped TWO frozen, plastic ice pack things, almost on my toes to boot,

nothing, just picked them up.

It doesn't help,

it's not good.

Could it be...

Am I finally growing up??

Are my sailor-istic ways finally evading me???

Sheesh! It only took 35 years.

I will never say recovered,

as I'm sure I will slip and slide!!

There sure are lots of butterfingers within this household ;o)

** Realization**

It's a good thing my couches were green to begin with!


  1. Can you share your secret with me? I have a bad habit...

  2. lol.....thanks for the chuckles!!! sailor-istic ways have been behind me (sort of) for a lot of years......

    but i always warn...if my mouth starts errupting with those loving little phrases....HEAD FOR THE HILLS cuz ahe's about to blow!!!!


    and BESIDES ....sometimes there is no other word that will fit the situation!

    <3 <3 <3

  3. I recently had a girls weekend and we were like sailors (the f-word was in abundance)! I'm not sure I would have done it in front of anyone else. It's tough working at a Catholic institution with such a sailor mouth! I slip up enough that we're thinking about bring the cuss jar back. ;-)