Tuesday, August 10, 2010



  1. hhhmmmm.....


    FER REAL??!!!

    Have you been keeping these pix from us for long? If so I'm mad at ya! smile

    Your angel looks VERY different in these pix my friend...there's an alertness in her eyes, a strength in her neck, a straightness in her back....

    It is like I can all the HOURS of therapy and THROBS of therapy-induced pain (mental and emotional for girl and family) in these angelic pictures!

    These pictures scream 'triumph!" to me my friend :)

    I know you want everything BACK for Aviana ... I know you don't want to feel like running away anymore....if you felt like you WANTED this we'd all be really weirded out....

    But...But...LOOK what you've done!

    Look at this angel...sigh.

    Kudos my friend...

  2. Simply stunning, Jen. I could not agree more with what your friend Andrea wrote.


  3. I agree with the first poster...she really has an awareness in her eyes. She is beautiful by the way.

  4. Yes....there is something in her eyes...she is so present! LOVELY photos!

  5. What a cutie!!! She looks JUST like the little girl in the picture on the right margin of your blog!! Oh wait...she IS the little girl in the other picture!!

    Miss you guys. Looking for a time that we can come visit!


  6. OOOOOHH MY!! My heart just melted! Look at her posing for you and looking right into the camera! That is awesome! woo hoo! I will say it again...can this child get any more bee-u-tee-ful?!!! No stinkin way!...Thanks for sharing her with us!

  7. I am so with the first commenter too, the picture where she is looking at you, so is much like the little girl in the right hand margin that was somewhat taken from you. She looks beautiful!

  8. There's two things I know for sure:
    She was sent here from heaven and she's
    daddy's (and mommy's) little girl.
    As I drop to my knees by her bed at night
    She talks to Jesus and I close my eyes and
    I thank God for all the joy in my life
    Oh, but most of all
    For butterfly kisses after bedtime prayer;
    sticking little white flowers all up in her
    hair; ...
    ...In all that I've done wrong I know I must
    have done something right to deserve a hug
    every morning and butterfly kisses at night.


    she's beautiful
    she's elegant
    she's accomplished
    she's unique
    she's true
    she's intelligent
    she's fearless
    she's unassuming
    she's life

    ~ <3 ~

  9. She's beautiful in these photos, Jen. What a pretty, pretty girl :)

  10. I see it too!! Right away I see a difference in Avi's eyes!!!

  11. She sure is a purty girl! Look at that gorgeous look she is giving the camera lens.
    She is growing in leaps and re-bounds!
    Keep up the good fight, you are winning.

  12. WOW Jen! Instantly, I can see a huge difference in her eyes as well! Oh my, how great it is to see her eyes so alert. She looks so cute in her little outfit as well.

  13. Huge Huge difference in her eyes ! WOW

  14. She's beautiful! I love that little dress on her. She really does look so much more alert, and much healthier. She looks like AVI again. It sounds bad, but I was happy to see her showing her grouchy side. She was mouthing like she wanted to tell Daddy "Stop it already!"

    Love you guys!

  15. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new pics Jenn!! Thank you so much for sharing! I was checking your blog this afternoon, I was so amazed, I couldn't help myself but brag about you and Avi to my friends and mom that were in the room and was in awe of Avi's new pictures. She looks so present and alert...We are all amazed by your stength and patience - truly amazing and remarkable, seriously! Keep it up hon - also keep getting away when you need to :) What a great post - I think this one ranks up there with Avi's kisses post! :)

  16. I love the shot with her looking right at you. I agree with everyone there is something different about these pictures. You are an amazing person.

  17. Such a beautiful girl!! I love these pictures and she does look different. A definite sparkle in her eyes :)

  18. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!! Aviana looks so well in these photos. She has such a focus and looks so alert. GREAT job with all the therapy you are doing-it's working. :)

  19. Great pictures! She does look more focused and alert and I love what you did with her hair!

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