Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our Daily Blessing

One of my very favorite bloggers is Amy, from "Our Daily Blessing....Life."  She is one amazing woman. She is by far one of the most inspiring people I follow.

Her son has had 19 brain surgeries and is one of the strongest people I have ever witnessed.  While caring for Philip, she discovered she has cancer.

She had started a business in order to help pay some of their medical costs, but in battling her own disease and caring for her son, husband and 3 other children, she has obviously not been able to focus her attention in that way.

She is about to embark on a very costly medical endeavor that can potentially help Phillip immensely.  Financially, she is not really in the position to move forward, but is going to anyway, as he needs this to work in the worst way.

If you would like to purchase something to help with her medical expenses, her website is~

If you would like to send some love and prayers her way, her blog address is located on my sidebar. I tried to post the link, but it would not work.

Thank you so much!

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