Sunday, December 2, 2012

5 Years in the Making

Over the years my mom has reminded us that we don't have any pictures of us as a family. I knew it was true. The last pictures we had together were when Dave's sister Dinah took some the day after we returned from Guatemala with Aviana.

** we don't walk around with stuff in our hair, we cleaned the scanner and the picture, I'm not sure what the heck?**

As this was approaching...

Miggy had sent me her questions and asked for some pictures one week before she had spotlighted our family. I knew then, that it was time. Lucky for us, Dinah had just recently moved back from Seattle. 

Can you tell how much we love Dinah as a photographer? But of course , as a sister first and foremost!

Dinah and Avi!


Dinah surely had her work cut out for her this day! A rambunctious Rainey, a sweetie with no head/body control, and the two of us cuckoo birds! 


Rainey was too funny. We just let her off the leash to see what she would do.

First she ran right,

Then the left, 

and then...

She just wedged herself right in the middle!

But after these pictures, when we weren't looking...I heard a splash, and sure enough she was in the creek!!

So...she had to leave the photo shoot for a while to dry off!

Can you tell how much we liked that tree with the heart in it.

It was an accidental find!

Rainey was still wet and muddy in these pictures. She had been rolling around in God knows what!


  1. Gorgeous! Family pics are some of my favorite times.

  2. Ok, is it just me or in that first picture of the "heart" in the tree looks more like boobies. Then in the second picture, the close up of it, looks a little more, like, um, ahem, well, NOT boobies. Or am I the only one with a gutter mind?

  3. The tree with the heart??!! are u kidding?!! Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.

    Luv the one on the bench with Rainey's tail hanging out ;)

    The one of the three of you by the heart tree and of you and Avi by the heart tree is simply indescribable. A million words would not do that picture justice.


  4. I love the pictures & while looking I am looking at them I am going how did she make/get the heart on the tree?? I agree with Andrea..are you kidding?? I love it and ya know it didn't just happen right, the heart that is?! Love the "tails" and Dinah is great with the pictures but then she did have some GREAT people to work with!! Love ya!
    Julie n Texas

  5. They came out beautiful!!!!!! I love the tail picture, too, and all of them. What are the chances of finding a tree like that?!?! That was fate. Your family is full of love!!

  6. So perfect! I love all of the photos! Family pictures are always an adventure. :)

  7. Beautifrul pictures and the next post is equally gorgeous. I hope you add some to your picture wall!


  8. These are great photos, Jen! Just beautiful - thanks for posting!

  9. Love, love love these pictures!
    Hugs, Jess

  10. Thanks guys!! You are all so sweet, except nasty!!

  11. I know, that's why you love me :) Who sings that song "Freak Like Me"? Oh, it's from the musical "Spiderman, Turn Off The Dark" with music by.......U2!!!! See? I'm just a regular 'ol freak :)

  12. I love these pics! But, you know, I love the pics taken of your backs the best. It captures something unspoken, intimate, what we don't see. I love them.