Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Just Elfin' Around

My heart...so full!

I can't catch the words. Every time I try, they again just stumble out of my reach. 

Today, I will attempt though. 

I changed the game this year. I didn't just change it a little, but a lot. If we were playing Life last year, this year... I swapped it out for Charades. And maybe you love Life, and only Life. And maybe you really don't like acting things out...in front of other people, and I can completely understand and appreciate that.

I just wanted to say thank you for trusting in me, and my game changing ways. I swear to you, that I'm not exaggerating when I say, that with each and every item you see here in this room - we added it with the utmost love and appreciation. And every item will be delivered in that very same way.

There is nothing I love and look forward to more than this. Aviana's Elves has filled our hearts, and holiday season in an indescribable way.

This year it has taken on a complete life of its own. We have seen it evolve in new ways, and by that - this is what I mean...

Some of our friends are taking their children to The Mustard Seed School to hand deliver items themselves. This way their kids can see firsthand. How amazing is that!!

Some have explained this whole thing to their kids and then taken them out to shop for the items themselves. They let them pick and choose how and what they want to donate and shop for. Some of the children chose to shop for the children, some chose to shop for the dogs. The kids then delivered the items to us. I asked them some questions about why they were out shopping, and they were able to explain everything exactly. They MELTED my HEART!!

Some chose to make the most amazing stockings to be handed out to the men at the holiday meal. It was obvious they were assembled with time, love and respect.

Some chose to send cash donations, and trust us to spend them accordingly. With each of these, we kept in mind who sent it, and how that person would want it spent. We have done our best to take the money, and also look at the whole age range and need throughout. We have tried to spread it accordingly as our hope is to avoid leaving a certain age range out, for example...maybe teen boy. 

Rainey didn't want us to forget about the dogs, so we put all of our own money towards them, so far.

It has been so neat to see who affects who, and who pulls at the hearts strings of whom. I have to say, it  has been all across the board, which makes it fun and interesting. I just love it!! 

Like I said, my heart....so full!!         

Anne Frank was so right in saying...

And again, 

we've had some amazing help from our friends at....








We're just getting started though! 

If you would like to help us, we would greatly appreciate it.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

We are going to make the delivery on December 14th. 

Our love to you this holiday season!


  1. You are amazing!!! I am so happy that your project worked out so well this year! I know you were worried, and it looks like people really came through to support your cause! I wasn't able to get my act together in enough time this year to go all out like you did. We still cook for St. Johns each week and we bought a gift for my "guy" John I see on my walk to the train each day. That will be it for this season! Bless you and I am SO happy your heart is filled this season with all those gifts for the souls you want to touch!!! Hugs and Merry Christmas!

  2. Your heart must have grown more than two sizes this year. It's even affecting people down here who are buying Starbucks for people and giving out MacDonald cards.

    Turn around. I want to pat your back! And then turn back so I can hug you!


  3. Wow - things are really coming together. You & Dave are doing an awesome job!

  4. Love all this! And so proud to know you guys!

  5. You Elves are truly AMAZING and i give you all great KUDOS from my heart!!!!!

    i am ambling on in my own little way...hoping to get there one day.