Tuesday, December 18, 2012


It was everything I thought it would be,

And more.

The room was finally empty,

And my heart,


With my head against the pillow,


I must have briefly fallen asleep,

Only to be awoken by Dave.


One little nap.

How could it be?

From the highest high,

To the lowest low.

Can you imagine?

Yes I can.

Life as I knew it....over.

A beautiful child walking out the door, 

For the very last time.

Never to return again.

Why...yes I could.

But the parallel lines end there.

I can't imagine.

Not at all.

Since then...

I have taken on a bit of their sadness.

Just as I'm sure we all have.

My heart breaks and aches.

And stretches all the way across these state lines.  


  1. i wrote a few lines on fb when i heard the sad news.....

    i can not begin to understand.
    sadness envelopes my heart.
    my soul weeps.

    justice be swift.
    solace be complete.
    peace be true.


  2. Saddest week...ever!


  3. So hard to believe. I still can't wrap my mind around it.