Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pie 101

Todd, I mean...Toodles (his baking name), our Copper friend wanted to learn how to make pie. He grew up gathering all the fruit around their property, of which his mom turned into some amazing pies. 

So now, it was his turn, to learn to make the dough, and turn it into his very own pie! 

Smile Todd, it's a rolling pin, not a Billy Club...and don't forget about that girlie apron you're in ; )

That's better.

We met our match, our kindred spirit, as he's as meticulous and tweaky as we are ; )

He's a natural born baker...

He did the most amazing job!

This was his first pie, ever!

You're hired!

Two Girls a Guy and Another Guy Pie?

Two Girls a Guy Pie Plus Some Other Dude?

Two Girls and a Guy Pie Plus an O Toodles Too?

Two Girls a Guy and a Po Po Pie?

No, nobody wants any of that kind of pie ; )

I don't know...

O Toodles...

I couldn't be any more proud!!

We can never make just one!

He freaked my little OCD brain out by throwing the cut outs on in all sorts of random directions, but it all worked out, right?

"Hey, where'd those pies go? I could swear there were two of them here last night??"

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  1. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it....Todd, baking a PIE! Wow, Jen must be quite a teacher. Those pies were awesome...but, Todd, the apron?? Really????