Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Say Hello To Her Little Friend

Aviana got a little puppy for Christmas. She loves him because he barks, and walks forward and backward.  He really gets her attention, and I think she likes his fluff too.

I love how she looks like she is kissing him in this picture.

His name is Fluff Puff.

"Hmmm. I wonder if Rainey is feeling jealous of Fluff?"

"Is that you Rainey? Yeah, I'm over here playing with my other little doggie. I still love you!"

I love her expression in this picture.

Thank you for the pup, Ponds!

This was the best I could do, I narrowed these way down. I even brought Dave in to help me with further picture elimination. Her little face gets me every time!


  1. those are adorable pictures. i can only imagine how sweet the ones are that you elimintated!

    avi & fluff look like they are going to have a long lasting close relationship!

  2. Aviana has a Vanilla!!!! Valentina got one a few months ago and she named him Vanilla. She LOVES him. I hope Aviana will have the same close relationship with Fluff Puff that Valentina has with Vanilla.

  3. She loves her puppy! I was so close to getting Mia the same one. Aviana is so adorable!

  4. OH GERL!!!

    Her face is CHANGING!!!! She's growing up...and you are getting some amazing shots of her!! I enjoyed EVERY SINGLE one...no need to minimize on our account sister! We all wanna eat her up!!

    Seems like she's progressing ..... eeek :)

    Sorry I've been MIA for awhile. Christmas and PTSD ... they are NOT best friends and do not mix very well.

    Been thinkin' of ya...