Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I have become pretty close friends with a few people who follow along with our story. I am so grateful for these friends. Recently, I became close with one reader in particular. Her name is Dixie. She is such a neat person for many reasons, but to name just a few ~ she has fostered many, many children and was also a special education teacher. I think she is a wealth of knowledge and an all around awesome person. 

Over the holidays, she was kind enough to send us all some gifts (including Rainey ~ melted my heart). Amongst a bunch of really great stuff, she included one of the cutest dolls I've ever seen for Aviana.  Her name is Lalaloopsy. I am sure many of you have heard of her. As you can tell, I have pretty much been out of the kid loop since the accident.

I wanted to share some things about this great little doll...

Their first meeting ;o)

Aviana was a little skeptical at first,

But she warmed up nicely ; )

You can style Lala's hair in many different ways.

She arrived with her hair in curls.

She also likes to go straight and crazy!

Sometimes, she's feeling straight and not so crazy.

Who knew? Antennae!


After playing with her for a while, we found something very interesting ~ Lalaloopsy is brain injured!

She is very much like Aviana.

This may sound harsh, but I am not intending it to be...it's just our reality.

Her head is heavy, and she does not have the muscle strength to hold it up.

Her feet go straight and her toes point inward.

She cannot sit on her own and falls over when you try.

But she's cute as can be, and we are so in love with her!

Her little friend is a dog (ha ha Dixie) cat, which I can wrap around Aviana's wrist.

They are two peas in a pod.

Thank you Dixie!

 Lalaloopsy has provided us so much entertainment. We all love her, and you too!


  1. That was SOOOOOOOO funny!!!! Mom and I were doubled over with laughter reading it. How true! Now Aviana has yet another brain injured person living with her, haha.

    I love you!!! And thank you for the laugh!!!

  2. Ha, Ha! Yes, ironic indeed. I am sure Lalaloopsy feels right at home.

  3. Mom and I laughed our asses off when we were reading this!!! She was in the chair and I was reading over her shoulder and we laughed harder and harder until we couldn't talk. Norm asked what was so funny and all I could get out was "LaLaLoopsy is brain damaged!" Of course he didn't get it and just sat there wonder what the hell had happened to us to be laughing uncontrollably over a brain damaged doll.

    He never did get it.

    I love you.

  4. Emma loves her loopsy dolls, too. :)


    a "LaLaLoopsy" doll :) and a camera :)

    You are a riot...and fun. Laughing at the problems at hand is exceptionally healthy IMHO.

    We HAVE to laugh at time over Chase's lack of logic (Fetal Alcohol) or Tye's mis-use of words, etc.

    It helps everyone loosen up and feel like the world is not falling....a least for a bit ;)


  6. Do you know I almost missed this??? I mentioned to my friend Alicia today that I was worried about you because you hadn't updated since 12/30 and she said you had. On IE, I can get none of the new posts. SO I switched to Google and now I can.....I hope! Thanks for the pictures. I love your creative hair styling. Now, I'm off to catch up on all the 1012 news!

    Love you guys!