Friday, January 6, 2012

God Gave Us Her

If you guys didn't think I'm quite crazy enough about my dog, here's the post to show you just how bonkers I truly am.

Rainey stepped into our lives at one of the absolute lowest, most deflated moments.

She is the definition of love and light.

She is our everything.

Here's to you REO Speedwagon...

Ha think I'm crazy? I know, you thought that long with my first blog post ;o)

In all seriousness though,

I have to say...

I think a dog's love is one of the greatest loves of all.


  1. Love this! The bond we share with them is like no other :)

  2. Will you believe that my hubby gave me a puppy for Christmas??!!!

    Yes, the man that loves Dogs but not living with them.

    I totally fell head over heels in love with one of the three pups our Papillion had in her litter that was born Nov. 16th.

    There was NO WAY I could give this little guy up.

    Jim was getting the hint pretty clearly but he was like "Are you serious? Andrea...we cannot add a 4th dog!" and then...Christmas Eve...he handed me the pup (Bishop Ivan .... You can call him Bishop Ivanovich if you want...) with a red bow around is neck!

    You'd think we (kids and I) would have screamed but we were SPEECHLESS, shocked! oh he's SUCH a good puppy...

    So. Yes...I get it.

    We recently learned that the FDA recently approved PTSD service dogs. Not that I'd need one but upon doing research scientists were discussing how a dog can give a person a sense of 'grounding' of security. From a scientific standpoint!

    luv u mucho...

  3. i was REALLY EXPECTING to see rainey's pretty face pop up at the end of the video!!!!!!

    i LOVE love LOVE bs!!! (not as much as gfa, but he's growin' on me) and i LOVE love LOVE this song....but never put it in the perspective of me & my pup........

    how i miss that girl!!!! she was a beautiful mutt that gave ALL her love to our family. she sat on my mom's feet (yes ON) throughout her illness....she was by my dad's side all the way through his brother's best baby puppy.....she gave everything to us.

    and miss rainey is DEFINITELY your everything.....she came to you when you needed her most and she will stay by yourside for as long as she can........give her hugs for me!!!