Friday, January 20, 2012

Everywhere We Looked

I have to say, the biggest downfall to the process of getting new carpet were all of the unexpected landmines. They were igniting everywhere. Just to name a few...

* Kama's fur all between our bed boards.

* Aviana's secret stash of toys.

* Kama's ashes.

* Zoe's fur on the top of our mattress.

* The tiny, little dress and shoes Aviana was wearing when we picked her up in Guatemala.

* Old pictures of her. Ones I hadn't seen in a lifetime.

* The pictures her foster family sent from Guatemala before we had ever met her.

* Aviana's old clothes from before the accident. As I folded them to pass along, I could actually see her smiling face in every outfit.

* The stacks upon stacks of well wishing cards, that I placed in one particular bag to read at a later date.

* Stacks of medical paperwork, all containing terrible words, descriptions and prognosis.

* Well wishes for us in regard to Kama, that I have yet to read as well.

* All my old scrapbooks of Aviana.

* All the shoes that she last wore, and never wore again.

* The Valentines her and I scrapbooked together for her pre-school classmates.

* Her referral pictures. The ones we would receive every month until we could bring her home.

* Her little arm floats she used to wear when my mom and Gary would take "our little fish" swimming.

* And so many more.

It was a trip down memory lane, to a life that seems so far in the distance.

We have a new life now, with new memories.


  1. Loved all your pictures!!
    The carpet is beautiful.....the snow angels enchanting.......and the two person pyramid AWESOME

    the laundry list of your past memories is poignant.
    I am very excited to watch the next chapters of your life unfold!!

  2. Those trips down memory lane can be a bit painful. I remember I kept Audriana's shoes (the ones she was wearing right before the accident) for years and years in a box stored high up on my closet shelf. They hurt to look at, but yet I couldn't get rid of them. So I put them away. Then one day, probably 7 or 8 years later, I finally took them out of that box and let her younger sisters wear them. They got shabby and worn out pretty quickly once I did that. But it actually felt so good to them them go. Some memories are worth hanging on to, while others just need to go.

  3. My husband & I just moved Monday...we also had to put my beloved dog to sleep Monday. My heart is broken. I feel for you.

  4. I know this is all so hard. We are about to move too (to Atlanta where I'm from, not sure if I told you)... I know there will be a lot of tears. So grateful for you and that we share this road. We stand with you guys and pray for you daily.

  5. I thought you might be interested in reading about a local effort to create a "Ronald McDonald" house equivelent. I think it is still in the building stages. K. Rostam