Monday, February 7, 2011

No Love You'd Call Real

Aviana is the biggest hold out in our family. She doesn't really care much for Rainey. She gives her dirty looks most of the time.  I couldn't really figure out why, but then it came to me.

Could it be...

That she stole and de-stuffed her new bear?

Or that she gnawed on her favorite Christmas present?

Or that she has tried in vain to have her way with this one?

Could it be because she has been using Avi's socks to hide her bone?

Or because Rainey hasn't been giving her the best view while on the floor lately?

Or because she takes her blanket and hides things in it?

And then, plays with them, on her blanket!!

Or that she snuggles up, and takes a little snooze, on her blanket??

Or that she is always trying to get a bite, of her food??

And last, but not least, it must be because she got a hold of her beloved Lamby. The one who has been there for Aviana like no one else?

Whatever the case, Rainey is doing her best, and Aviana is starting to understand, she's just a pup pup.

Btw...Dave and I promised Aviana we would protect her things much more carefully!


  1. and i bet she misses kama too...

  2. AHHH- puppy love!!! Poor Rainey just doesn't understand the "rules of engagement" when it comes to "sharing" toys with a preschooler. Aviana does look pretty ticked off in some fo thsoe pics- I had to chuckle!!! Give her some time- kids always LOVE puppies and WANT puppies until they LIVE with puppies. We have had to reclaim many many toys from the cat who constantly attempts to steal Jessica's toys.

  3. Ha Ha Ha! I think Aviana has her own love/hate relationship. Puppies really are hard to deal with at first. I love how she totally gets that. Eventually it will be all love/love! Cute pictures!

  4. I'd be glad to patch those bears up if they need it. :) Hawkeye ate the nose off a bear mom got at her babyshower while she was pregnant with me. It happened not long after I got him, too. Silly doggies.

  5. Yeah I think a number of those things might cause the irritated look at the dog, I dont' blame her, poor girl can defend her stuff right now so the dirty looks is what she's giving.

  6. lol HOW can avi refuse that pitiful pup's sowee eyes!!!! lol she's just beggin' for forgiveness :)

    i'm sure it won't be long until they are BFF!

    <3 ~j