Saturday, February 19, 2011


Laziness got the best of us. We were supposed to cook for Aviana last night, but were both beyond exhausted. We decided to wing it today until her food was ready.

This morning we gave her oatmeal. She ate it so well, but we expected her to because it was a similar consistency to the food we make her.  We still hadn't cooked by snack, and lunch time. So we gave her apple sauce for a snack, and a left over enchilada for lunch. She ate it all. She did such a great job.

My mom was here today, and we were eating Gingersnap cookies, so we decided to give her those too. They are extremely crunchy, and she was chomping away. She looked adorable as she was chewing. So much so, that I ran and got my phone to video her so I could put it on here. The funny thing was, every time I would video her, she would politely chew with her mouth closed. She still has such great manners ;o)

We still hadn't cooked, and after seeing how great she had done the entire day, we decided to feed her Macaroni and Cheese, as this was one of her favorites prior to the accident.

I fed her a whole bowl of it. She ate every last tiny, little shell. I was in shock. She did so amazingly well. We have also been working really hard with the sippy cup, and she drank better than she ever has tonight.

This was the first day since the accident that she had a normal days worth of food that was just lying around the house. Nothing measured. Nothing weighed. Nothing balanced. Nothing sliced, or diced. And nothing that was outrageously prepared.

We have finally truly run out of time, so it's off to the kitchen we go!


  1. normal feels good, doesn't it? so happy to read this post. It's all your hard work that got her to where she is today; eating normal, unprepared, unmeasured food.

  2. Oh WOW! That has got to feel so good! I am absolutely sure that she was loving every minute of it too! That is such an important accomplishment that you all helped her to achieve. Amazing!

    PS~ I don't care if she is chewing politely or not, I still want to see her in action!




  4. So amazing! Would love to see her crunching on those snaps.

  5. Awesome!!!!

    she is a beautiul bundle of surprises!!!!!! :)

  6. What a wonderful surprise for you...and for Aviana to be tasting some "new" foods and textures. She was probably thinking, "Now THIS is the life! Where have you been hiding this stuff, Mom?" I think this is also God blessing you, after being understandably so overwhelmed with her schedule, therapy, food prep. You've done so much for her and done it so well. I think now God has brought you all to this point of her not needing you to spend as much time on her food prep. You certainly deserve a break in the amount of time and work you put in for you beautiful daughter. You can enjoy doing other things with and for her and a bit more time to "relax" together, if she can eat more foods you prepare regularly. I'm sure there's still much work to be done, but I know you will continue to do all you can to help Aviana.

    I was glad to read that you got away for a trip alone, able to leave Aviana in excellent hands. You are a very young couple to be going through such difficulties with your child. Not that it wouldn't be difficult for any couple, but being so young and vibrant, having your life change so dramatically from all the fun things young families do, to the emotional and physical toll it has taken on you as a's understandably been a very, very difficult change.

    I don't know if that makes sense, but what I'm trying to say is that you have understandably been stressed and burdened and physically exhausted, as you've dealt with Aviana's accident. I appreciate your honesty here. None of us can imagine how hard this has been for your family (except those in similar circumstances), but your honesty has helped you find support here and from family and friends who have stood by you. Pretending it's something it's not would have meant going it much more alone, I think.

    Something keeps drawing me to read of Aviana's progress and reading of how you are working through these difficult challenges. My daughter (now married with a newborn) had a classmate suffer very traumatic brain injury in an accident four years ago. I'd forgotten how long ago it was, but recently saw this young woman. Her speech had the quality of a hearing impaired person, but other than that, she has had remarkable healing. I didn't really know what she was capable of, but we had a great conversation in which she showed how capable she had again become. She still suffers from short term memory loss, but is learning ways to compensate for it. I know it's a different situation, but I hope it gives you courage to keep on believing more progress for your daughter. We saw miracles worked in this young woman's life, and I pray for more of the same for Aviana.

    I'm praying for strength and encouragement, as well as continued healing for Aviana.

    Nancy in the Midwest

  7. Uh oh...better not tell my little Roo. She'd be at your doorstep politely demanding a tea party for two. ;)

  8. i bet she was thrilled to have normal tasty food. She's still young and doens't care whats good for her. I think you guys should have 1 day a week where she gets to eat and enjoy it, and you all can take a break form cooking.

  9. What a great post! I bet she enjoyed it very much! I think that was great therapy, good food! Just like the pictures of her in Costco looked like that was the best therapy! I hope you can relax a little and have "normal" days more often. I bet Aviana will love it! You are amazing! Love Beya

  10. I guys should take a break once in a while! You've worked so hard to help Avi to this point...don't slack off, but DO take a break every now and then, and see and enjoy what you guys have worked so hard to accomplish!!

    Go Avi!

  11. I am so happy to read your post from Sat.!!! Sometimes giving yourself an "easy day" (I prefer easy not lazy, you are in no way shape or form lazy in what you have done with Aviana) can help you really see the progress Aviana has made in a different light. Reading your posts from the beginning, she has come such a long way because of you and Dave.

    I hope you really don't feel like you guys were being lazy, sometimes in a situation like this the only way to feel "normal" is to do things that help you feel normalish again. Meaning taking breaks from the schedules, from the charts, from the routines is OK. Give yourselves some "normal" times otherwise you will drive yourself nuts. That feeling of normalcy can be such an important component to surviving the highs and lows of this journey.

    You, your hubby and daughter are such strong amazing people, don't ever forget that.

    Jess B.