Saturday, September 18, 2010

What to Do?

Halloween is by far, my favorite holiday.  I love dressing Avi up, but am having the hardest time finding the perfect costume for her this year!

I went to all of the stores and looked around. I went to some online sites. I even started to look on Etsy. I am seriously stuck.

Here lies the problem, I wanted her to be a butterfly, but wings don't exactly work with a child that cannot stand. It seems everything I like, or want, has wings and things :o(

I found a few others, but the truth of the matter is, they won't look right because a child of her age is usually able to stand :o(

I want her to be something cute or spooky, but not something she has been before.

I could use any suggestions or help possible :o)

A trip down Halloween road...

She was a cute little ladybug.

Then, a scary witch. Actually, she didn't get the scary part down, she was just plain adorable.

You may remember last year, she was a cracked out, pimped out, kitty cat. I was in tears last Halloween. I thought she looked cute, but I couldn't stand her costume!  This year, I don't want to revisit the past, I desperately want her costume to be perfect!


  1. hi! I just found your site from Shirley McCoy's, I am so glad that I did! I just added your button to the prayer request section of my blog. Avi is so beautiful...could she be a rainbow fairy? Not all fairys have wings! There is a ebsite called Magic Cabin that has beautiful kindof silky fairy stuff. She could wear a pretty flowered head thingy and it would be beautiful with her dark hair!
    Anyhow...thrilled to find you!
    Blessings on you,

  2. Halloween is sooo fun! My four year old is going to be Princess Jasmine. The Disney Store has a really cute costume this year. My daughter is insisting on taking her stuffed tiger around with her since Jasmine has a pet tiger. I think Avi would look adorable in it too! Have fun choosing!

  3. How about a Tom Arma costume? They actually recommend you don't let your kid walk around in the "shoes" because it will mess them up! :) They are super cute, and Aviana would look absolutely adorable in any of them!:)
    By the way, I have been reading your blog for a while, and I just love Avi's little face! Always praying for all of you!

  4. Have you seen stroller costumes? There are a ton on Etsy.

  5. Just thinkin' about the butterfly wish....why not a caterpillar? Just like Avi, they will eventually bust out of their cocoon, spread their wings, and fly as all beautiful butterflies do! Just a thought! Maybe a headband with antennas attached and snuggly green caterpillar and you culd be the mommy butterfly! You could wear the wings until she gets her own.


  6. You got some great ideas. One of my favorite outfits for Brielle was Minnie Mouse. I think Avi would look adorable as Minnie with her beautiful dark hair and precious face. I hope you can find a way to make Halloween a happy holiday by making it new and special in your own way. Hugs!

  7. I agree....she'd be an adorable Minnie Mouse! If you go that route and need help, there are some wonderful children's seamstresses on Ebay that make darlng outfits. I can hook you up if that helps. It might end up being too much like her ladybug costume, I suppose. How about Raggedy Ann?


  8. I see you have already gotten some good suggestions, I have nothing. Maya always chooses something like a unicorn, horse, tiger. Its always those really warm costumes that are one piece and you don't knwo if she's a girl or a boy, but since it gets cold here oh well at least I can put layers under if I need to. Good luck can't wait to see what she becomes.

  9. so many great ideas......

    ok truthfully, the first thing that popped into my head was GARY'S GIRLS (rockstar diva......rhinestones, glam-glasses....the works)

    but then the second thing was looking to see if you could find a faerie wings for your butterfly, the kind that don't necessarily have to be extended....i know i've seen them somewhere

    and then, of course she could always be a jelly belly......a fried egg..... a chocolate kiss

    (i love the caterpillar idea!)

  10. I say you go the superhero route. Avi would make a cute "supergirl" or "wonderwoman" or what have you. A magic cape is better than wings anyday! ;)