Monday, September 27, 2010

Busy Bee

Aviana has been so busy lately. First my dad's dog Snoozer came to stay with us for a week.  Then, Aviana had her best friend Lily over, and last, her cousin Gaby spent the night.  She has really been enjoying herself lately.

All three of them would take a "snooze fest" together.

Kama played with Snoozer all week long. She acted like she was a puppy again.

Michelle took Avi for a walk, and picked up a flower along the way.

Lily was showing Aviana one of her favorite apps.  Aviana was really paying attention to it.

Avi was captivated by Talking Tom.

Aviana, still checking it out.

All 5 of us were in bed watching a movie :o) I love Kama's face in this picture.

Gaby and Aviana enjoying their slumber party.

Gaby is so sweet. She loves her little cousin so very much.

Avi was the second to fall asleep....Dave was the first!! I suppose every party has a pooper!

 The next day the girls were so exhausted from staying up late, they took a little mid-day nap.


  1. soooooo much FUN happening in your house!!!!!
    i LOVE all the more!!!

  2. SOOOOOO fun! You guys really have been busy. It is so nice that she has kids to interact with. Being around other children probably stimulates Avi just as profoundly as doing all of her therapy. Kids have a way of trying to connect with other kids.
    Great pictures!