Sunday, September 12, 2010

It Takes Two

It takes two to keep this boat afloat.

It takes two to agree with the direction of Aviana's care.

It takes two to be completely on board with how to move forward.

It takes two to divide and conquer the brain injury beast.

It takes two, for when one is falling behind, and the other is running ahead.

It takes two brains to somewhat master this program.

It takes two to be equally in love with this little girl.

It takes two to sacrifice most of ourselves for her recovery.

It takes two, as there is always one to cheer the other on.

It takes two to keep her showered in love.

It takes two to fully trust in her ability.

It takes two to completely believe in her recovery.

I'm sure it could be done with one, but I thank God for two!

I love you baby! 


  1. Are you talking about Kama again?

    Only joking, you are one of the lucky ones in that respect for sure. Enjoy being a two!

  2. Soooo true and so important! Bless you both! I'll email you later...we don't need the ramp stand after all so we can donate it to someone or someplace that might need it...:)