Sunday, January 17, 2010

Who Knew....

I had no idea we could transform our kitchen into a baby food factory! I also didn't know that we could replicate all of the numerous tasks of the heavy machinery within a factory.

I was just wondering.....isn't Sunday supposed to be a day of rest?!! Well, not for us. Our Sundays now consist of getting a full day of therapy in and producing an entire weeks worth of food. During the last two Sundays we concocted 7 meals, one replacement for each day of the week. We had thought that was an astronomical amount of work. Not so. Not so. Today we made 14 meals in order to replace two of Aviana's formula meals.

Can you imagine, next Sunday we will be whipping up a whopping 21 meals. The following week we will meet our goal of 28 fully organic, completely nutritious, perfectly balanced meals a week.

Here’s the process: Dave sits down and has a long, detailed discussion with Excel.

Excel spits out a spreadsheet with exact measurements down to the gram.

Each individual item of food is prepped and weighed on a scale.

Next, all of the food is cooked.

The kitchen begins to look as though a bomb went off within.

In batches, we blend the crap out of the food. (I *heart* you, Vita Mix)

Green and orange blotches of food begin to appear at various places and on various people and sometimes even pets throughout the kitchen.

Once all batches are sufficiently blended to the perfect consistency, they all come together and intermingle amongst each other.

Finally, 14 jars are lined up and evenly filled.

Only one casualty today!

The lids are then securely placed on the jars to ensure not one drop of this healthy, green goo will secretly find its way out.

10 jars carefully (in order to avoid a messier casualty) find their way into the “deep” freezer.

3 jars will make their way into the kitchen fridge to “chill.”

The 1 remaining jar goes directly into Aviana.

I can just hear her saying, “Green goo…GET IN MY BELLY.” Never mind, she never saw Austin Powers, I guess that is what I am thinking.

Two people (unfortunately us) diligently clean up the “havoc” that has ensued throughout the kitchen and beyond.

We take a little breather and get right back to therapy!

Whew, Sundays are exhausting….thank goodness tomorrow is Monday (that was a joke, but I now realize, its not that funny.)

This weeks meal includes: brown rice, chicken, eggs, olive oil, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, carrots, kale, green chard, peas and green beans.

Long gone are the days of throwing together a peanut butter and jelly and sliding it across the table.

I never knew green chard was so beautiful!

So unbelievably beautiful.

A picture of peas...why? They looked cool to me!

On the home stretch I developed a case of "butter fingers." We quickly learned that these particular jars shoot glass in every possible direction. This was such a bummer :o(

No matter


you slice it.....







I think she's worth it though!

Aviana was desperately trying to watch the basketball game in this picture :o)


  1. She is most definably worth it!!!
    Enjoy cooking knowing that one day she will be eating steak and such with you!!!
    Awesome job cooking and I'm soo happy that A is getting some real food!

  2. It gets easier. :) I used to make a lot of Emma's baby food. Try using canning jars. They're tempered and don't shatter as easily. I've got a serious case of butter fingers, too.

  3. you go, mama. i hope you're enjoying the new foods too! the vitamix is fun for all, and everyone will be healthier for it. you'll be amazed by the way you 'used' to eat. avi looks great...keep it up, you're amazing.
    -samantha (another guatemama)

  4. She is SOOOO worth it, and is soooo lucky to have parents that work together as a team to get it done with in one day! I'm glad you have a VitaMix. I'm glad you know where to buy Kale, cause I don't.
    We should come over and help you on a Sunday! My husband can clean a kitchen well, and we can entertain. By the time Avi should be watching the NFL Playoffs!! Just saying..

  5. You two continue to amaze me. Aviana looks beautiful.

    On a separate note, when I have to travel from Phila to SF for work, what makes the hassle worth it is the amazing food---and I am not that much of a foodie, really. I always feel as though I am eating directly from the bounty of the earth; I've tasted vegetables there that I have never experienced before, and I had always considered myself veggie savvy. One time a friend cooked up some type of seaweed (although not leafy green) that had a salty, nutty flavor - she called it a vegetarian's bacon. So, if green goo is on the menu, it seems as though you are in the right place.
    Have a great week.

    -Ellen S.

  6. fun fun fun, I used to make all of Maya's baby food, she would eat it, but I foundout thru a bout of rotovirus that whe would drink almost anything, so I made her food bottles out of anything that was good for her and that I could properly clean while living in Guatemala, I lvoe you blender.

  7. I am totally amazed by all you do for your sweet girl. I wish I had half as much strength as you!!! Hope Avi enjoys every last ounce of that green goo!!! Looks yummy!!! :)

  8. Our CSA has some great recipes for winter greens. They're great nutrition for busy mamas, too.

  9. OMG your kitchen is SUCH a mess! ;-)

  10. WOW- you guys are amazing! I can't believe jars of green baby food could look so good! And yes she is totally worth it!

    Annie from Toledo!

  11. Ooh, you know what? The rainbow chard really is beautiful! It comes with stems in gorgeous shades of red, yellow, purple, and orange.