Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Upside Down

I wanted to start by thanking everyone for sharing in my excitement yesterday. With each passing comment, I could actually feel your enthusiasm!

I have to report: Aviana has become very stingy with her precious little kisses. After generously giving out approximately 35 in bed yesterday morning, she decided she was spent! I can just hear her sweet little stern voice saying, “no more kisses for you, or you, or you!” That's OK. That’s just fine by me. I'll patiently wait until she is ready again!

Anyway, a while ago I read a very interesting chapter in one of the Institutes books called, "Newborns-Right-Side Up or Upside Down." This chapter made all the sense in the world, but there was one particular example they used that really drove their point home for me.

To make a long story short, they discuss the reasons why it is beneficial to turn your newborn onto their stomachs. They go on to say how we are the only creatures who keep our babies upside down. They ask, "Has anyone ever seen a colt, calf, puppy, or kitten lying on its back with its legs up in the air?"

They then go on to explain,

"Now, face down as she was intended to be, with all her brain mechanisms right-side up, we see all the movements of arms and legs become great propulsive movements intended to move her body forward. It is as natural and sensible as what occurs, if you take a turtle who is upside down, thrashing its arms and legs about, and turn it right-side up. Watch all those random and useless arm and leg movements become crawling movements. We may love to watch her face up, but she wants to get moving along the ancient road to walking, and that road begins here."

Ever since reading this, I would look at Aviana as a turtle. Lying there on her back, not able to make any useful movements.

Soon, the floor will be her way of life. I couldn't have found a visual reminder of this fact at a more perfect time. This little cutie adorns my fridge, the place I unfortunately frequent most ;o)


  1. Two things....

    1. You actually WANT her to be stingy with her kisses when she gets older (as in...teenager)!

    2. Why is frequenting the fridge unfortunate?

    Oh...and thanks for sharing about upside down. Makes total sense!


  2. Jen- I wanted to let you know that I check your blog every day for Aviana updates but have never posted a comment- I am not sure how to log on and I am not a blogger! We continue to pray for you guys and thank you for sharing this journey with so many of us that don't really know you! You are a special person to bear your heart and soul every day with updates of your absolutely beautiful daughter! (My daughter Jess is also 3.5 from Guatemala!) I love the turtle pic and I don't see anything wrong with frequenting the fridge- I think of it as a close personal friend actually!!!


  3. My fridge is one of my best friends. Hence the big butt! ;)

  4. Thanks for the post it makes so much sense.

    I loved reading about Aviana's kisses. It brought tears to my eyes. It just proves they do know what is going on around them. It just takes them time.

    My son Brian would respond to our touch in the hospital even when he was under sedation. His heart rate would drop (to a normal level). He knew even though he couldn't open his eyes or talk to us....Just as Aviana knows.

  5. That makes total sense. I love the magnet! So proud of your little turtle!

  6. I LOVE that illustration of why it is sooo important to put our babies on their tummies! Do you mind if I link to this on my sight? I've never heard it explained like that before and it makes so much sense.

  7. your post reminds me of how my mom taught me how to let my son lie down on his stomach. now that i have a new boy (7 weeks old), i should let him lie down on his stomach, too. timely post for me:-).

  8. I can't remember how we did it with our kids. My oldest boy walked at 7 1/2 months so I guess it wasn't a problem. I don't know if equating human babies to bovines and amphibians is exactly accurate. Perhaps if we knew what chimp and ape babies did? But, again, I don't remember anything about those days with our boys. hmmm, now I'm curious. Anyway, I found you through modernmommyblog.