Thursday, January 21, 2010

Goo Geyser


1 : a spring that throws forth intermittent jets......of green goo!
Today I actually washed and did my hair. Usually, my hair hasn't been washed for an average of 3 days and usually you may find it in a ponytail. I know, I know, ewwwwwww! I'll have you know, those chicks in Hollywood have admitted to rarely washing their hair too :o)

Anyway, as I said, I did my hair today. Fresh, clean, day 1 hair. This is a rarity these days, so when I accomplish this great task, I am very proud!

I was feeding Aviana some hours ago and unbeknownst to me the medication port opened and a geyser of green goo shot straight out and at my freshly washed hair! The green goo did not stop there! It was all over my nice white shirt, Aviana, the couch, the couch pillow, the drapes, the blinds, Kama's bed, the floor and some even found its way on the wall!!!! I was so sad about MY FRESHLY WASHED HAIR!!

Anyway, I guess it's kind of funny now!

This is the syringe.

This is the medication port...which is not to be opened while feeding!

This is the food port, which is supposed to be opened while feeding.

This is what the assembly is supposed to look like while feeding.

This is a sad, sad girl covered in goo.


  1. You poor thing! I love how you still keep a positive attitude about it. You do enough work as it is, I am sorry you had to do even more to clean up everything! Yuck!

  2. How awful! I remember those days though! You are not alone.

  3. Oh Jen, you're poor, poor hair!!! I'm so sorry. Oh, sure, for Aviana too, but c'mon, the real person who got the shaft here is your freshly washed tresses. I say you go and wash your again!!!!

  4. Jennifer
    Freshly washed hair, slattered green goo, You are as cute as a sweet pea in a pod. Keep smiling. Things that happen like that are so shocking at the time it takes place and what can one do except grin and bare it.

    Love you Debby

  5. you are so brave and cope so well with so much-the photo of you looks so folorn! Welldone for managing to find the funny side of things x x x

  6. I totally sympathize with you. At least it is goo and not poo! I think all of us mommies have had poo, pee, vomit, food, and God knows what on us at sometime. On those unfortunate days, it is often all at once!

  7. By the way, did you cross process that last picture and add the vignette? Or is it lomography?

  8. I have no idea Jillian, I just pushed a few buttons until it arrived at the look I was going for :-)