Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ugly Formal

I had honestly never heard of that theme for a New Year's party before. We really weren't prepared, and usually we are amped up for any sort of costume party. I guess I just didn't get it. My friend Summer was throwing the party and said get out any old bridesmaid, prom dresses, or any stuff you had to buy and wear once and never wore again. Have any of you heard of this theme?

So I thought, "hmm...I don't keep anything, and I had recently gotten rid of the bridesmaid dress I wore to her wedding." That didn't go over well when I said that to her. She yelled, "that wasn't ugly!" I guess I still don't understand the concept. The week before I asked her if I could borrow something. She was wearing one of her old dresses from the way back, and said I could borrow one too. So that's what we did.

But then, the day of - we went to Goodwill to find Dave something and in looking for him...I saw a really cute dress that was $6.99. So I bought it thinking I would wear it instead. I was torn between the two and knew if I wore the new one, Summer wouldn't be happy with my decision to switch. 

I decided last minute to do a costume change half way through! I showed up in the Goodwill dress and sure enough, Summer was asking where her dress was and why I wasn't wearing it. I told her not to worry...I would be wearing it the second half of the party : ) I know, crazy. It was fun though.

We were laughing because Dave couldn't find anything, and the costume shops closed early, so he ended up looking like an old professor!

Booties out girls.

My friend Summer...prom style.

Actually, this is the classic prom picture now isn't it?

Can you tell this was at the end of the night? 

Hey, who's that black beauty looking on at us?

And here are my favorite pictures of the night!! So the party was just getting the end of the night!

Can you tell we were more than ready to ring in the New Year?


  1. I've never heard of this but it sounds fun! I never had a prom or anything like that but I used to buy them all the time at Jean Nicole and wear them for my Oscar parties. Holy smoke, am I aging myself with that store or what? Haha! I think the first dress is kind of cute, the second one, ugh, now THAT one fits the bill! I still have most of my dresses.

    1. I want you to put them all on, walk the cat walk and have Beya take pictures and send them to me!! Deal? Deal!!!

    2. Not on top of each other. One on at a time. ; )

    3. You no like the thingy around the neck? Growing mom used to make me wear turtle necks. I CAN'T STAND anything around my NECK. I feel like I am SUFFOCATING! I thought I was going to DIE in that dress. Especially when I sat down, I would grab the neck and PULL!!!

  2. You looked awesome! You know you're cute if you can rock it even in those dresses! I liked your friend's crimped hair, too.