Saturday, March 9, 2013

Dave's Having...

The Best Week Ever!!

~ First ~

We were painting our office and this happened...

Aren't I sweet, when I see blood - I snap pictures!

~ Next ~ 

I just got my car out of the body shop a couple of weeks ago from when I side swipe a car. My car was looking stellar and beautiful. It took me a while to get fixed because I wanted to research and find a really good body shop. I think it also took me a little bit because the damage was minimal and on the passenger side, so it was out of site out of mind.

Dave was going skiing on Thursday, like he has a million times. I had a really bad feeling this time though. I kept saying 'be careful.' We had been staying up late painting, and he had a late conference in SF, etc. I also had told him to be careful with the Tahoe because it was looking like a beaut : ) I was out to lunch that day and he called. I texted him back asking what was up? His response was: Bad news. The Tahoe will be going back to the shop. I asked him if he was okay and he said he was fine, the Tahoe not so much.

As long as he was okay, that's all that mattered. Cars can be fixed. We know all too well that bodies often times cannot. Although he is from around here, he has been driving in the snow pretty much since we met. He's never had an incident. He was turning into the ski resort and the car in front of him slid and went off the embankment. He slowed way down as he didn't want to do the same. Well, he followed suit, and right along side him.

He texted me these pictures : ) Eeekk.


The CHP and the tow truck were right there as it had been happeneing all morning long.

They pulled him out, and Dave was off to hit the slopes!


I called the body shop and said, "Hi, this is Jen Hodder - do you remember the Chevy Tahoe you just worked on a couple weeks ago? Well, it was wrecked again and I was wondering if you might have time for an estimate tomorrow?"

~ Last ~ 

After I woke up yesterday, walked to the computer with my coffee and sat down at the desk... the phone rang. It was Dave calling from on his way to work. He said, "this week couldn't end soon enough. I just got a ticket." I told him, "just don't say it can't get any worse, because we both know it definitely can!"

After my Uncle arrived yesterday I took our car to the body shop. We lucked out and they will be able to start right away. The damage is from front to back. I have never been in an accident and Dave hasn't been in one in many years. Between the 2 of us, we have both caused one in the past 4 months : ( I'm sure our insurance company is loving us right about now!



Dave's about to go on a run, I don't know if that's such a good idea! Maybe he should, at least, leave his headphones at home?

And Rainey too?


  1. I hope he did not stain the grout :-(
    --greetings from e in Philly

  2. What a crazy week. I'm glad Dave is okay. It's good that the body shop could take you right away. I hope ya'll are incident free from here out!

  3. I sometimes wonder if it's better to be on THIS side of the insurance industry or the OTHER.