Saturday, March 16, 2013

Swim Forever

Over the course of his lifetime, one little blue fish has almost caused me to turn a similar shade of blue too many times to count. Dave says Señor is a complete drama queen, and out of all of the fish I've ever had...I would have to agree. He's the Daniel Day-Lewis of the fish world. Over the course of the last month though, I sadly knew our time was coming to an end, so I made sure to take extra good care of him.

I don't know what it is about these little creatures, or maybe I do. My dad raised me to be one with them...always. Every creature. We are a catch and release family. Well technically not family. I am speaking for my dad and me. Dave is most certainly not! He wants to kill all spiders. I have to scream and stop him and either take it outside myself or convince beg him to. I'll later maybe share with you my most recent catch and release : )

Anyway, as far as my dad and me are concerned we not only release spiders, moths, mice, and things of that sort, but all others down to the tiniest little bug - or...we just let them be. They are living creatures just as we are...just trying to get a bite to eat : ) Unless they are mosquitos in our house, then they die. Sorry. That's where I draw the line. They eat Avi and I to death : ( You didn't see that coming did you? I'm ruthless when it comes to those ever thirsty buzzing little bloodsuckers. Mosquitos in the house! Eeeeekkkkk! In our room! Aaaakkk! Under our covers! Out the Doooooorrrrrrr!!!!

So all of this adds up to just one of the reasons why I am so sad that Señor died today. The other is for all the reasons I explained the last time he gave me a scare.

He put up a good fight, and he was a great fish. Many think fish are just fish, and have no personalities...I beg to differ. Señor greeted me every morning. I will miss walking out and seeing him swim straight up to me before I did anything, even make my coffee for the day...

Swim forever my sweet.


  1. I had a few of these growing up (we called them Chinese fighting fish:). Sorry he passed. :( RIP

  2. Rest in Peace little guy!!!!

    Steve Remedios

  3. You have the softest heart.

    1. Thank you Dixie. You do too, I know that about you : )

  4. So he finally did die. Poor Senor.

    Fish DO have personality. I had two goldfish growing up. You, the .10 feeder fish you get. One lived for about a year. The other lived for five+. They both accidentally got poisoned. The first one papa accidentally filled his bowl with bleach water, ooops. He felt so bad. The second one, the one that lived for years and years got cancer (what is it about this damn disease that follows our family like a plague?) after living for about six months in radioactive water (google Hanford, Norm and I lived there for less than a year).

    Now we have a Koi pond where we keep goldfish. Papa will stand at the edge and watch them forEVER!!!! He feeds them, talks to them, watches to see where each one lives, which rock that one likes, which one comes to the surface first to get food, where the eggs are laid, watching over the eggs to make sure a bird doesn't take them, watching for the eggs to hatch, COUNTING the eggs (well over 100 and that's just how many he can count with his no too great eyesight).

    Fish are NOT just fish, which is why I say you aren't a vegetarian if you eat fish! Haha.....

  5. Oh my gosh...I bet he felt SO bad. Poor Papa!!!

    I love Papa. I love every single thing you just wrote about Papa. I can see him doing all of that. I bet that whole process brings him peace.

    ...which is why I have never once called myself a vegetarian : ) And I hardly eat any fish anymore...butt : )

  6. Beta fish are the best! We had one that traveled with us to Hood Canal. We put him in a quart jar, sandwich bag over the top with holes and put a ring around to keep it tight. He rode in the drink carrier in the truck. We kept in the trailer but took him up to the table at meals. I think I might need one for my desk at work.... :0)

  7. Amanda, I forgot about your fish! This is "my" Amanda, right? I think you do need a new fish.....maybe as company for Beyonce.

  8. I went back and read your blog about being a catch and release family. We are a catch and run family. My husband and sons catch and me and my daughter run until the non two legged visitor is safely out side. As far as Mosquitos go, they never bite me but my family is not so lucky. So yes, Mosquitos are a death penalty waiting to happen around our house.


    your comment!!

  10. Sorry about Senor Jen. Maybe there can be a Senor II someday.

  11. Rest in peace, sweet little Senor.