Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Our Valentine

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays. I love - love of all kinds. When Aviana was well, I was so excited when she was in preschool. I used to make cards, so I spent months before figuring out the perfect looking Valentines for her class. 

I spent hours on them, and then let her color all over the back and put little heart stickers on them. I loved seeing her running around in red, pink and heart clothes all month long.

It feels like a whole other lifetime now.

A whole other girl.

In a whole other world.

It's so strange to see her move. Her hands, her fingers, her head. I'm unfamiliar with that girl. I don't know who she is anymore. She is so distant, but yet so close sometimes.


Now back to this little girl and her Valentine's Day.

There's nothing sweeter than this little girl. So patient, so loving, so beautiful.

Ready to go, with her Valentines in tow.

I didn't have the heart to put her boots on for school. I wrote her teacher a note and told him I had to pass. Sometimes in life, your outfit just rules over time in the stander ; )

She was so sleepy when she got home. Once again, I just didn't have the heart to wake her at that moment. Even though this was not the best position for her...just a few more minutes.

Last, Dave and I made a Key Lime the night before to share some pie love with the neighbors!

Nothing says Valentine's Day like Key Lime, right? I know, it's just weird and doesn't fit, but that's what we were feeling : )


  1. First, I love how YOU used to spend hours making the cards....and would let Aviana color on the BACK of them, HAHAHAHA!!!! You know how hard it is for me to let Valentina do things when I have in my head the perfect way to do it, the pretty way, the RIGHT way but then she has to go and do it HER way, ugh!!!!

    Second, she looks so cute, both past and present. Very holiday-y!

    Third, that pie looks really good. Key Lime was Trina's favorite.

  2. No wonder she got got the Cutest Outfit Award! Love the tights.


  3. That's what I was about to say Dixie. I love Avi's tights!