Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Little Miss Independent

If you knew Aviana before, you knew she was fiercely independent. It hurts us deeply that she, of all people, is forced to be so dependent now. For this very reason, we try to factor this very distinct characteristic of hers into as many decisions as we can for her. 

Her going on the bus, by herself, was part of giving her back some of her very own independence. I felt she would appreciate having something that was hers, and hers only.

Rainey was so sad when the gate lifted Aviana up. She was on her hind legs wondering where this big yellow thing was taking her sister.

She turned her head and looked right at my Mom, Dave, our neighbor's - Warren and Anna, our dogs - Oski and Rainey, and me. She looked like she was thinking....

"What the?!?" Why am I in here...and you're out there? Oh well...see ya!"

Dave and I hopped on to say our final goodbyes, but she was still locking eyes with her Nana.

My Mom and I then huddled together and cried our eyes out as we watched our girl drive away...all by herself.

Right when she got home...

Someone wanted to tell her just how much she was missed! 

I don't think the feeling was reciprocated. 

Poor Rainey doesn't quite understand that her doggie place was filled once before, and will never be able to be filled the same way by another.

Aviana is a tough cookie.


Her teacher called afterward and said she had a really good day. 

And guess who else stopped by to check and see how her first day went? Yep...you guessed, Todd Lynn! We talked for a while, I was so excited because as I was out today I finally found fresh rhubarb for his pie : ) And, wouldn't you know it...I listed the wrong show he was going to be featured on in June. It's Turf Wars, not Yard Crashers. Just in case you were wondering!

Thank you all for the well wishes for Aviana's first day. You mean so much to us. You carry us through, and make this entire journey worthwhile.

Our love to you!


  1. Very excited to hear she had a good day!

    We love you all very very much ♥

  2. Yay! I am so glad to hear that the day went well! What a great experience for her. Thank you for taking the time to update. I was thinking about you guys all day!

  3. Oh I was hoping she had a wonderful day at school. That was so kind of her teacher to call and let you know how her day went.I bet there will be many more great days to come. I would love to have Aviana in my class. Move that baby girl to Texas!

  4. I bet I checked in 4 times today to see if you'd updated. She looked so cute and so ready for whatever was out there for her. Her bus driver looks like a caring, friendly woman. I'm so glad her teacher called! Aviana is going to have some new buddies and pretty soon her friends will recognize her in Costco and you'll be asking, "How the heck is that?".

    Good job, Mom! I know it was a huge hurdle!

  5. Hi Jen,
    All day, through meetings and phone calls and such, the thought at the front of my mind was, "I wonder how Avi's first day of school is going?"...and "I wonder how Jen is doing with it too." After 3 PM California time, I peeked whenever I could to check! Avi looks so cool and trendy in the photos - ready to rock her first day. No dorky duds for her. She's one super strong, amazing piece of work - from the hospital to the school bus in a matter of weeks. Congrats, Avi!


  6. I'm glad the day went well for Aviana. Now that today is over, the rest should be a little easier for you. I'm very impressed you had the willpower to stay home and not follow the bus like I did with my girls. It was so sweet of Todd Lynn to stop by. What a great guy!


  7. Great post...thank you for sharing.


  8. So glad to hear it went well! You got some great pics of her 1st day. How thoughtful of her teacher to call. It sounds like you have found a great school.

  9. I am smiling ear to ear through tears for both you and Aviana...and Brenda too =) What a big day for you all. I am SO thrilled to hear she is in school and love being able to check on her and you all through your blog!

  10. Good for avianna & you guys for staying strong!much love to your wonderful family :)

  11. FYI, you have made such wonderful comments about the RPD officer that I sent the link to Chief Hahn. He did email me back that he had not idea and was impressed.

    Real good guys often don't get the pat on the back and I wanted to make sure your pat was heard by his boss.

    Katrina (Fire Dept)