Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Field Trip

Yeah, there's three of us in this picture. Rainey blends in with everything. But, I swear...if you look closely, she's there.

There's this really cool nursery close to our house. It's a restaurant too. We had lunch there last weekend.

We also went on a pie tasting adventure.

Peace out peeps!

Sleep out peeps!

When we finally arrived, this one was closed...

Isn't it cool looking? I've become friends with the guy at Williams Sonoma and he told me about this place. It's an apple orchard and they make pies. He told me they are really good! I was dying to try them, so I looked them up online and it said they were closed for the season. They didn't even answer their phone, but Mr. Williams Sonoma swore they were opened, so we went anyway. Wishful thinking!

I grew up on this place.

My dad used to come pick us up for all holidays and summers and we would stop here on the way to Tahoe. gotta love it, right?

Be honest you our pies look better than these?

; )

No really, I went through every top box you see to find the best looking pie and this was the best I could find. We are trying to scope out the competition.

We came home with a piece of pie in hand and wrote out our pros and cons list.

I have to admit, it's fun when PIE is your homework!


  1. Is that High Hand Nursery?

    Love you Cuz,
    Steve Remedios

  2. While I've always loved Ikeda's pies, your pies look so much prettier! The blueberry one just looks like a mess. For as expensive as they are, they need to improve on their presentation a bit.


  3. I love the look on the lady's face (top left corner) in the photo with all the pie boxes....she's looking like WTF are you taking a picture of lady?! haha. Your pies look so much better!


  4. MMM...Ikedas! Their salsa and burgers are awesome.

  5. High Hand found my secret place! Love their glass flowers! Have you seen the article in "Relish" today in the Bee? It's about a girl named Teeny that wanted to bake pies, but found pastry school too expensive, so she is criss-crossing the country volunteering at pie shops. She wants to open a store and is working on a book of her pie adventures. You can follow her blog at Glad Avi had a great 1st day at school!

    Love & Kisses...Sue and Mark

  6. I don't know about taste, but visually, ya'll put those pies to shame!