Monday, May 7, 2012

Me or the Brain Injury?

We decided to go to the neighbor's house for a little while yesterday. Dave got Aviana all ready, and then, I thought she looked so cute ~ I decided to swipe her outfit idea too. I guess Avi wasn't thrilled about it. Maybe she didn't like the fact that her mom copied her. Maybe she was mad because she couldn't say anything to me about it, but hey ~ I'm really not sure. I decided I wanted pictures in our matching outfits. Bad idea.

Again, we had a terrible photo shoot.

I can never figure it out. Is it me, or the brain injury?

First, we tried the chair. She's so floppy, yet rigid. I never know how to hold her for a picture, and get this....I'm her mom! Doesn't she look comfortable?

That's us...having a little pep talk. She doesn't like when we have those.

Maybe I should reconsider. They're very nice, but maybe I should skip it. I don't see Roger or my Mom having those sorts of things.

Then we tried the couch, with a pillow under her. She's bored and I'm a contortionist who's now wearing a plastic smile. Yea us! Making progress.

Dave was trying to stop Rainey from jumping up, but why not, right? What can it hurt!

Oh good...Avi is still less than thrilled and now Rainey is thinking about taking a snooze before she goes swimming in the neighbor's pool! I'm dreaming of Calgon at this point.

Finally, it's headlock time. This is my best way to keep that floppy head in place and talk. She usually responds and loves this, but not today. She's done with me, done with the camera....

Or, maybe....just done with me stealing her white pants and orangey colored stripped shirt with tiny pocket in the top lefthand corner? Hey girl ~ I wanted to put my hair in a ponytail too...but I didn't!

I'm sorry my love.

I said I was sorry.

I did end up changing shortly after these pictures, but not because of Avi, but because wet dogs and white pants don't go well together.

As for my age old question ~ 

Me or the brain injury?

It's not a question.

I know the answer.

It's me.


  1. It IS you. But you can take solace (something I hate when people tell ME to do that, haha) in the fact that it's normal 5 year old behavior. At least it's normal 5 year old behavior for Valentina. You couldn't get her to look in the camera, could you? Neither can we. Out of 20 pictures we take of her maybe 1 will turn out. Asa? Asa is a gem! He's so photogenic and always has been. Valentina looks like she's thinking she should be sitting on a cloud. I share in your frustration, I JUST WANT A GOOD PICTURE OF MY DAUGHTER!!!! IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK????

    I guess so.

    Hey, our girls are more alike than we thought.

    (love your hair btw).

  2. You two look so beautiful! If it is you, that says something about her mental ability. She is really thinking many thoughts in there, maybe not all good, but she is thinking. Yay!-right? :)

  3. I think you are two hard on yourself. You look beautiful, and so does your girl :) I really enjoy your blog and veiws!

  4. All of them are precious and so perfect for Mother's Day. I think Avi might just be having a "leave me the heck alone" day.

  5. Do not beat yourself up girl! You have enough tough stuff to deal with, without you getting down on yourself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you or your relationship with your daughter. And "they" say children are most unruly with the ones they are the closest to.

    I read a question from a woman who was saying that her daughter would be a perfect angel for her nanny while the mom was at work and then when the mom would get home, the girl would turn into a holy terror. The mom was wondering if the girl was acting out because the mom had been at work all day, she was feeling guilty.

    The answer was that kids tend to act out with those they feel the most comfotable with, they test their boundries (i.e. how far they can push you) with the people the trust the most, they exert their independence (which quite a lot of the time can look like naughty behavior or stubborness) with their comfort people, the people they subconciously know will not abandon them or hurt them. Those people are almost always mom.

    Made a lot of sense to me, hope it does for you.

    Love you girl, happy Mother's day!


  6. No brain injury needed to make a little girl mad that mama wants her to wear and pose in certain ways. I sorta, kinda deal with it on a daily basis!

    However, when I take a bad picture, which seems like always, I like to blame it on my own brain injury. So Avi gets to do that when she wants :)