Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Back to Life

Last week I was struck down by the worst consecutive days of headaches in 7 years. They were reminiscent of the weeks I used to have before I started Imitrex injections. I quickly flashed back to the days of suffering with no end in sight. The kind of agony where I thought I could handle Dave taking a shower, only for him to turn it on, and the sound sending me into instant sickness. Nice, right? The kind where a seemingly innocent move to my left side, ended in the same result. The nausea associated with these headaches always takes me by surprise. For some reason, I can never quite connect the dots between headache and that sort of sickness. The two don't quite compute logically to me?

This was the pattern I followed ~ One shot. Two shot. Three shot. Headache. Really? Three shots and still, a headache. What kind of sick joke is that? If one must endure the pain of three shots...wouldn't you think relief was earned? The headaches Gods said no! 

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is ~ I've been very sick. They upped my stupid pills daily medication and slowly, very slowly, I've been getting better. I was suffering from what I called the Zombie Effect. That many shots tend to wear my body into oblivion, and then, coupled with the increased dose of Topamax....let's just say I was rendered pretty much useless. Extreme fatigue was an understatement. I have returned from the walking dead though. 

As of this past Saturday, I was finally able to function vertically, but then...just as I finally got myself into an upright position, Aviana got so sick. I imagine something she may have picked up at school. Poor little one was terribly sick. As sad as I am that she is sick, she sure does make the sweetest, cutest little sounds when she is in complete and total agony! Actually, she too is finally feeling better now.

But guess what, as of mom is super sick!! Here's a typical conversation between us.

Me:  "Oh no Mom, Aviana must have gotten you sick!"

Mom: "Oh no, it wasn't Aviana...she didn't get me sick!"

Me: "Mom, she was sneezing and coughing in your face."

Mom:  "No she didn't! It wasn't her! No way." 

Me: "Mom, I saw her. You were right in her face. She's sick. Sneezing. She was sneezing. In your face."

Mom: "No. Not my Aviana. She didn't get me sick. I must have got it somewhere else." 

Yep! Not her Aviana. Aviana can do no wrong : ) 

Like Dominos, please don't let Dave or I fall.

By the way...

I missed you.


  1. That stinks about the headaches. Actually, sucks. F the headaches. Do you ever go to the ER when they get like that? Sometimes it is enough to get some rest and break the cycle. I hope Avi and your mom are feeling better, too! It is no fun being sick.

  2. Sooo glad Aviana and you are feeling better. Hopefully your mom will have a speedy recovery. Were you able to enjoy Mother's Day this year? Very sad that you had to go through all that suffering but happy that you're starting to function again. Take it easy though.


  3. Haha!!!! Aviana didn't get her sick..... funny!!! Grandma's are like that.

    I'm so sorry things have been so sucky.

    I love you.

    I miss you.

    I want to beeeeeeee with you.

    I want to seeeeeee you.

    You kick some serious ass!!!!

  4. Oh man, how awful! I am so sorry that you felt that bad. I am also sorry to hear about Avi and your mom. I agree with your mom, there is NO way that she caught the cold from Avi. ;) I hope that you are all feeling better now. That is probably the only drawback to school~ yucky sick kids!

  5. Of all the things you have endured, I can honestly say that the one thing I cannot comprehend is migraines. They sound worse than any pain I have ever felt.

    We've had what I imagine are the same cooties you all have. Every week my baby goes to Rehab to spend 3 days with her parents and every week she brings home cooties, but last week was by far the worst and neither of us have gotten rid of them. I so tired of wiping snot, to be indelicate.

    Hope you three are better and Dave doesn't get it.


  6. So sorry you've been hit so hard! This may seem totally off the wall and not something that you'd want to consider (or maybe you already have) but my cousin also suffers from severe migraines and she ended up having a hystorectomy to relieve them. She just had the surgery about a month ago but so far...she's been experiencing MUCH less severe migraines. Just something I thought I'd throw out there. I have no idea why the two are connected (must be a hormone thing?). Hope you are all feeling better soon!

  7. Such misery. Hope you are all past this. And I pray you can find some lasting relief from your headaches.
    Nancy in the Midwest

  8. I've been reading your blog for a long time and you are such an inspiration. My in-laws are neighbors of your Mom and Gary in Lincoln. My continued thoughts and prayers are with all of you!