Tuesday, November 8, 2011

One Year Ago...

and she doesn't look much different. She has only gained 3.9 pounds!

As I turned to see if she looked any different, I noticed she was playing with a pumpkin toy similar to the one in these pictures. I guess it's that time of year :o)

Although they sting, I love these pictures of she and Zander. I had to include them all because they are looking the exact same way in each of them!

Yep, she's our little loon.

We celebrated all day today. We took her to Ben's Bark Avenue Bistro and let her pick out some treats and then went on a walk ;o)

Happy Day.

Happy Girl.

Happy Us.


  1. What a happy day! I am so glad that she came into your lives. What a wonderful thing to celebrate! Give her a big belly rub from me!

  2. All those photos of Rainy make me want to run out and buy a Lab puppy! My husband has said NO WAY to another dog... but I'm working on him. Right now we have Milo, a small Toy Fox Terrier, and although I love my Milo...I want a BIG dog, too! Milo is my first small breed. He's very convenient, easy to travel with, easy to pick up after and all that. But... there's just something about those larger dogs that I just love. I want both!

  3. I have followed this post for years..and with laughter and tears....Celebrate the gift of a wonderful puppy. Happy Anniversary

  4. It could be the delirium from being sniffly all week, but doggy kisses and cuddles sound nice right now. I miss having a doggy to love on...but then I'd have to find one that wouldn't eat my chickens.

  5. Great pics! What a shiny coat too. :)

  6. She is so beautiful! I love the pictures.