Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Insult to Injury

A broken arm.

A broken pelvis.

A broken back.

A sprained ankle.

A lacerated kidney.

A missing leg.

A punctured lung.

A concussion.

Black and blue from head to toe.

A fractured femur.

Road rash like you've never seen.


Many cracked ribs.

Slipped discs.


All of the above.

Why couldn't it be any or all of the above?

Why the brain?

Why the brain?


Of all things,

Why did it have to be the brain?

The brain!

Why did it have to be the one thing that controls everything?

Everything else is recoverable.



Why her BRAIN?????

And if her brain,

Then why so severe??

Because it is.



  1. My people magazine came today & it has gabby giffords on the cover. I thought of you guys & thought why couldn't aviana be so lucky?! You're in my thoughts, I found your blog recently & check often now. Take care :)

  2. Yeah, why couldn't it have been? Why did Aviana have to be stuck with THIS? You got the extremely short end of the stick. Hell, you didn't even get a damn stick, you got a sliver and that's it.

    That said, you do deal.

    You deal so well.

    You are amazing.

    You never cease to amaze me.

    You never cease to make ME laugh.

    I love you and wish so badly you would have been handed the lovely, long, flowery end of a stick instead of what you have.

    There's no excuse for it.

    But deal you do. And you deal exceptionally well.

    Love you (again).