Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Year Ago Today

Last year, the unimaginable happened.

Today at 12:17 pm, I can officially begin a new chapter of my life.

Thoughts of the previous year were glaringly obvious with every holiday and more. There was always a certain level of sadness in the weeks leading up to each event. As you may have noticed, the following is what the last year looked and felt like:

Last year, on 4th of July we really enjoyed the day together. Avi wore the cutest little red, white and blue outfit. We went kayaking in Lake Tahoe and then enjoyed a nice BBQ.

Last year, Aviana had the perfect 2nd birthday party. She was so unbelievably happy that day and enjoyed being surrounded in family, friends and of course, cake!

Last year, Aviana shocked me by being potty trained right after her 2nd birthday!

Last year, Aviana was the cutest little witch in town. She had mastered the art of trick or treating and couldn't get enough. She would say trick treat in the cutest voice imaginable!

Last year, we celebrated Thanksgiving surrounded in family. She wore one of my favorite dresses.

Last year, Christmas in Tahoe was heaven, as always.

Last year, we took Aviana to the zoo.

Last year, on Valentine's Day, Aviana and I made the cutest Valentine's for her preschool class.

Last year, Aviana and Kama were partners in crime, investigating the backyard every chance they got!

Last year, Aviana was such a little goofball on St. Patrick's Day.

Last year, she looked so adorable, as she sat and watched cartoons.

Last year, Aviana found every egg in the yard and decided to throw them into the fountain!

Last year, this is how Aviana would wait for her Nana and Papa.

Last year, we spent Memorial Day weekend in Tahoe. She had the best time with her cousin Gaby.

Last year, Aviana had a great day with her friends at the annual Guatemalan picnic.

Last year, before Maia's birthday party, we finally stopped and took pictures at Aviana's sign.

Last year, we went to Maia's birthday party and were splashing around the pool.

What a difference a day makes. I have anxiously been waiting for the one-year mark to be up and over. I find it amazingly refreshing to think of the upcoming year with more hope and optimism.

At this moment, this new year is already off to a great start. The fact is.....

Last year, at this time, we were all gathered in the Emergency Room waiting to hear what was to be with Gary and Aviana.

This is a small example of how last year at this time looked.

I am so thankful for the natural progression of life. I am grateful that my memory with Aviana, as she is now, will far outlast the one of yesteryear!

After coming off of the worst year of my life, am I being naive to think that it can only improve from here on out?


  1. So thankful for the wonderful memories you have and the wonderful mom you have been for Avi. Praying that God will give you strength for the next year ahead of you :) Thank you for sharing your life with us. You are an inspiration!! God Bless!!

  2. Oh Jen. All the wonderful pictures show the resilient spirit of that little girl of yours. What a miracle that you still have her there to wrap your arms around, to whisper that you love her, to help her do the things she enjoys! Hurray for all of you. You are learning to dance in the rain. God bless you!



  3. Thinking of you today (and for the past couple weeks, knowing it was coming up). Praying for a great year full of advancements - tiny ones and humongous ones - for you all! Thank you again for sharing your sweetheart with us... she's in our hearts as well! :)

  4. How far you have all come in one short year! Feeling a mixture of emotions for you today. Mostly happiness for you that today is able to mark a new promising future for your family. Thinking of you......many hugs.

  5. Scanning back to read your story ... my heart aches at what your sweet little girl has endured ... but oh my, what a Spirit! She just radiates such life and joy from your photographs and it is obvious her spirit and the incredible love of her family have carried her to this point.

    I hope you feel a lightness and a release from all the fear and pain you must have endured for the last year. Your child is so precious ... thank you for sharing her story of courage.

    I love the year in photos - priceless!

    xo Lis

  6. I am so amazed by Aviana and her mom and dad. I have been thinking about the year mark as well..I remember reading that first blog post with such sadness. You guys have endured qite a year and you made it through. It is only going to get better and better because of the amazing strength that GOD has given you all!! Keep keepin on! I can't wait to see her next year at this time!! Prayers always!

  7. be naive, I think its a good way to be, to worry about things that could happen is no way to live. To look at her picture at 1 year ago she has come an amazingly long way, and so have you and your husband, you should all be so proud.

  8. Not naive at all. I think you have a great outlook on life!

  9. I'm a little behind in the blog reading, but I've been thinking of you guys a lot because of this anniversary. Our students are returning for their summer program and everyone is asking about Aviana and my friend Susan (they all remember Avi's accident and Susan's 2nd lung transplant!). I know it's tough for you because I, myself, am finding it hard to type my words...but you've come SUCH A LONG WAY since that day and have SO MUCH to be proud of! I know I am!

    I love the way Sandy (above) said it..."What a miracle that you still have her there to wrap your arms around, to whisper that you love her..."


    Love you, Cuz!!


  10. *hugs* We've been thinking of all of you, praying for you. I don't go a day without asking God to bring this little girl another miracle. If anyone can overcome this, she can.

    Love you!


  11. what a difference a year makes!!!!

    for better or worse, life is a circus....and to quote an 'old friend' of ours.....if i'm gonna ride the ferris wheel i'll need your hand in dave and aviana have made incredible strides towards a brighter future.

    keep holdig hands and enjoy the ride!

    <3 ~j