Thursday, June 24, 2010

Target Practice

I forgot to add one very important detail to my previous post....

My mom thought it a great idea for us to get new couches. While quite a nice suggestion, I honestly prefer to keep the ones covered in throw up, spit, formula, medication and now a constant and endless supply of green leafy puree.

If you could get your hands on one of those backlights they use on 20/20 and wave it over our family room, the sight would be horrifying.

Don't worry, if you come over and I catch you standing on the outskirts of the room all night, I will completely understand.  I too, feel like I need to be hosed down after sitting on these sofas!

From the looks of it, Aviana is tired of being the target of this reoccurring incident!

This is just more incentive to get rid of that damn button!


  1. Yes, you are free to link to our blog. Glad you stopped by. And glad you got my message. I meant it, so I hope you will call on me when you need help. And I'd gladly sit on that couch - but only if you'd sit on mine. . .bet mine is worse! LOL Shhhhh - it'll be our little secret. We have been following your journey since last year. I don't know if you ever got the "scrapbook" page that we sent to your friend. I don't always comment, because I see you have a lot of followers who care for you! Your daughter has made so much progress to be proud of. And be proud of yourself for hanging in there. You are definitely Mama-material!!! Takes strength, courage, and patience to walk your walk - and you have it all. If you ever want to have some photos taken of you and Avi, let me know. I'm no professional, but I enjoy it, and the two of you are beautiful together!!! (Daddy's welcome too, of course!)

  2. We got a couch that could be washed on purpose. Microfiber for the win! :)

  3. Hope this week is better for you :)