Thursday, March 25, 2010

Away to PA

I am so excited. Last night we booked our follow up trip to Pennsylvania. We will be going back for 6 days. There will be 2 days of lecture and the remaining days will be spent re-evaluating Aviana and devising a new plan of attack.

I was telling my friend Ellen of our plans and she pointed out that we would be arriving on a holiday weekend. I suppose I shouldn’t have been shocked in the least that The Institute does not take holidays off.

I thank God for them and their unbelievable dedication to all brain injured children. They are a true gift to this world!

There are only a few places in the world that I would rather live.

#1 Lake Tahoe

#2 Oregon

#3 Pennsylvania

Every which way we looked, there was beauty!

This is Chestnut Hill and is the cutest little town! It is close to The Institute.

I would love to take my baby girl to a vet that looked like this.

I took this picture WAY to close up, but it was one of the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen.

I almost knocked on the door to let them know I would be moving in :o)


  1. Jen- I am glad to hear you are returning with hope and excitement! I know how much you have worked to help Aviana and what a great experience you had at The Institutes. I can't wait to hear all about it when you return.

  2. i'm so excited for you!!! i know this return trip will bring you more knowledge and more resources to further expand Avi's life!

    i have not been to chestnut hill but i will have to check it out one's only about 15 minutes from allentown where my sil & her family live.

  3. Those photos bring back so many memories! I loved our trips to the Institute! It's one of the only things that I miss about our "program" LOL (well, that and all our wonderful volunteers that I grew so attached to) I remember wanting to live there in Chestnut Hill. You're right, it is such a cute town! Wait until you go there during Christmastime. All the lights and decorations -- so pretty!

  4. OMG!!! Is it possible that we will be there the same week??? CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!
    Fiona, Jeff and Sophie

  5. Oh I can not wait to hear all about your trip. I just read your comments on my other blog. I like your sweet comments. I don't mind that you read about my own personal disaster. That blog really really helped me. There is something cathartic about letting it hang out in cyberspace. We miss you guys. Sarah

  6. It sounds like an exciting trip, and I for one am not missing the symbolism of new hope rising on Easter weekend. How I will be wishing and hoping and praying for positive outcomes and new avenues opening for you in Avi's treatment. Not only that, but I hope you really enjoy any great "touristy" things you manage to squeeze into your trip. God bless you all. I will be hanging around your blog waiting to hear all the news when you get back. Travel safely!



  7. The East Coast does have a charm all its own, doesn't it?

    Wishing you all a wonderful Easter!! I hope that the days that follow, and especially on your trip, are full of new hopes and dreams!


  8. you have a macros setting on that spiffy new camera? Try that with the flowers next time! ;-)