Monday, April 8, 2013

Hello Again

We've been in a high speed whirlwind of just about everything since I last posted a picture of my office companion. This cyclone has included, but is certainly not limited to;

projects we've been meaning to complete around the house, 
and some we had not 
an overnight trip we had not planned to take (damn Groupon, and their expiration dates ; )
an eskimo girl on an exceptionally rainy day
 some of what it's all about - being surrounded in family and friends, 
friends and family, family and did I say... 

Since I've been away so long, and we've been going full speed ahead since my last post -
I may have to break this into more manageable pieces.

I've learned a lot while going through these various motions : )

I learned I can no longer handle Groupon or Living Social. I'm just not capable. I used to be, but not anymore. I have officially fired myself. I used to buy them, thinking they were a good idea at the time, and then, junk just sneaks up and starts expiring! Then, whatever I bought sure has lost its luster, and is suddenly pressure!! Am I the only one? Maybe. 

For example, I had a hotel in Squaw Valley that expired and so now, yes...we are left with face value, and while I understand, you know how that goes...

We used this particular Napa one 1 day before it expired, so we barely crunched it in. I'm on a Groupon/Living Social strike...that is, unless it's Icing on the Cupcake ; )

I learned that Do Not Disturb translates to something very different in another language. 

The restaurant (I learned I may never be able to spell that word!!!!) we went to was so beautiful...

I learned I shouldn't ask my mom, or anyone else to organize my Tupperware cabinet. I came to the realization that I should do it myself, because if I do, I have a much better chance of keeping it in order. 

Do you think what I said to Dave was rude when I showed him? "Hi honey, look what I did today. If you mess it up, I will CUT you!"

Too much? I didn't think so either ; )


Once upon a time, I said we were going to paint our office some shade of yellow. I was serious. I wanted it to be brighter, as I spend a decent amount of my day in here writing, and such. I plan on spending more time, and I want it to be uplifting as this is where my mood has been for a long time!

Well it all started a long time ago and with one simple picture...

I've looked at this picture at least 55 times, studying every detail of how, when, what, etc. All we needed was execution. So once our walls were finally painted, we pulled the trigger. Dave stayed in the car with Avi and Ray Girl and I went into the yard of a billion different kinds with my phone in hand and showed pallet man the picture. We weaved our way through and found the perfect ones. 

Our plan was to make 2 for the office walls. We brought them home, I was grinning stupidly as my wood stained dreams were about to become a reality - when all of a sudden I saw this comment...

"Just curious how you removed all the fungicides, herbicides and other toxic chemicals before you worked on this and then hung it in a residential setting? There's a reason professional wood workers don't reclaim this wood (very often mahogany), that's because it's too toxic and deadly to work with. Long term exposure causes nerve damage and eventually can kill. But if you don't mind those side effects I think it looks great in your house."

This sent us into research, research, research about pallets, and WOW is all I have to say about all these cute, oh so crafty projects I've seen all over Pinterest and everywhere else. Yes, I'm sure many will still create, but it was a red light for us. We dumped the pallets as we decided it wasn't worth taking a chance. 

So when you see the pictures of our office looks pretty empty so far, as my dad is bringing down some spruce for us to build our own pallet. Yeah, it sucks that it won't look all old, reclaimed and rustic in that way, but that's okay - I think it will be beauty anyway. 

I just had no idea about all those pallet projects, but it makes perfect sense! It was nice to know and learn about!

I learned it's more important to have our family all together for a project and open a window, than to worry about the small amount of painting we were doing that night, and keep Aviana in a separate room : )

So much more to come...

☆ Night ☆

So...above says 'night' because I was going to publish late last night. Well, I forgot and went to bed. At about 2:30 am I was in bed and remembered, but was too tired to come back out and proof. I am so happy I didn't, because I got the funniest comment this morning...

"Maybe you could put a cute pic of Avi so that when I check your blog everyday, I don't see that spider? You don't even have to write....just a cute pic! Dixie"


  1. Hi! I don't have your contact info - but anyway - for the sleep pillow - try searching for versaform - much cheaper and the same thing...

  2. Rewarded not just by cute pics, but by a video even! Your office turned out beautifully. I want to see the picture grouping up close. Glad you're busy doing fun stuff.

    1. I am writing a post with close ups of the pictures : )

  3. Hello! I am so happy that you are back! I love the office, it looks amazing! The video is so sweet! I am so glad that you are enjoying life over there. As for Kip Moore, I still don't exactly "know" him, but I watched the video link and I am hooked on that boy too! Those eyes, that voice... I think that I will have to fone Kip! :)

    1. As you know...I TALKED TO THAT CUTE BOY!!!

  4. Hi Jen, (from Philadelphia)

    Three comments. First, thank goodness the spider is gone. I would have to agree with Dixie. In fact, I almost contemplated posting comments on 2 of the blogs of people that I see post on yours all the time, to urge them to form a committee to get you to update. But, I decided against it.
    Second, I find the pressure of Living Social deadlines too much to deal with as well. A younger woman in the office convinced me to sign up because she was able to get some sort of discount on her hair cut if I too would use the offer at the salon "where I go anyway", etc. Needless to say, the salon appt wasn't relaxing because I had to cram it in. I find that the same applies for event tickets purchased at charity auctions and similar things.
    Third...and last. I never have seen a little girl look as happy as Avi about a color change. The expression on her face conveys a "finally, they are getting around to this - I am so pleased" look - the same look I give Ken when he finally completes a project.
    Miss you. -E

    1. E ~

      Three Comments...

      First - You, my sweet, can urge me to do anything! You're very persuasive : )

      Second - Agreed!! Forget Living Social!!

      Third - I thought so too, so I ran and grabbed my phone to video her. She couldn't get enough of the yellow wall. I'm so happy you could relate with Ken ; )

      Miss you too!!

  5. Dixie was right. :) office looks great!

  6. That is a beautiful shelf! Check out ReStore if you are looking for some reclaimed wood. They get all kinds of goodies and it benefits Habitat for Humanity.

  7. Love the new color. I have thought of painting my kitchen yellow but it would be so much work. Glad you found out about the pallets ahead of time.

    1. Thank you! YES!! I was so happy to have found out ahead of time, than to have to junk it AFTER...

  8. my but you have been busy bees!!!!
    the office looks GREAT even as a workinprogress......
    you said KIP MOORE...but then you said NO MORE?!?! did you get to see him again?! details.....please!!

    and for the record i too am boycotting all of those 'sales gimmick' web/email gotchas!!!! they got me too many times and that is no bueno!