Tuesday, April 30, 2013


We had a really heavy appointment in regard to Aviana today, of which I will tell you about sometime. But for now, in order to counteract such weightiness, I have been trying my best to keep the remainder of the day light and airy. Part of that includes: wandering somewhat aimlessly around the grocery store and apparently throwing bits and pieces of recipes into my cart only to discover I don't have one whole meal, starting emails to various friends and then deciding I didn't want to finish them, oooohhh...new music Tuesday!! Wooooo Hooooo! Silver Lining!! Download! Download! Download...eh, nothing good today : / And then, flipping mindlessly through magazines, and seeing one of my very favorite parts...the 25 Things You Don't Know About Me section! What a great distraction, so I hope if I play, you will play too...all in the name of diverting the mind, thank you...

1. I am a grammar geek. I love it, love it, love it. I can sit and talk about punctuation rules, and such for hours...and have. I am so sad that my grammar has gone down the tubes in the past, almost four years. Something has sucked my brains right out of my head. What could it be...I do not know?

2. I love natural light. When people come over, they tend to turn our lights on for us. I guess it's too dark for them.

3. I love seeing people reunite with each other at the airport. It makes me happy. I could watch them all day long.

4. I have 11 piercings. 10 in my ears and one in my bellybutton. I was 18 when I got the one in my bellybutton. As the guy was piercing it, I found out he was from one of my favorite bands at the time - My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult.

5. I think closed storefronts look peaceful.

6. I got my hair caught in a Mixmaster at the age of about 7, which resulted in a huge bald spot. I was stuck to the machine for what seemed like forever, and the beaters were bent like crazy. My mom freaked out. She still thinks it's one of the worst things that's ever happened. I think that's funny. I still don't own one of those mixers, but my cousin sent me a picture last year of the very one I got my hair caught in!

7. My favorite day of the week is Thursday.

8. I finally taught myself (with Dave's help) to spell the word restaurant 2 nights ago. I am so proud of myself. You just witnessed the first time ever!! In my WHOLE LIFE!!!! See, it's true...you can accomplish anything if you set your mind to it!

9. I have become somewhat of a commitment phob ever since the accident. I thought it was just me, but after reading other peoples' blogs who have had tragic events happen in their lives, I have seen a pattern...and I'm not the only one! YES! I'm not a freak show!

10. Along those same lines, I used to be a planner and now I prefer when things just happen spontaneously!

11. I can't remember anything. Who are you? Where am I?

12. Lately, I realized I'm breaking down from carrying Aviana incorrectly for the past 4 years. That's sobering.

13. My favorite thing to say in spanish is, Como se dice? It means - how do you say? When I go to Mexico, or if I'm speaking to anyone who speaks spanish I ask them how do you say just about everything. I think they get tired of me...

14. We are almost finished with the medical appointments to get Aviana going in Ride to Walk. I think she will like the horses? I love their eyes...

15. I stop the microwave on 4 seconds. If I'm across the kitchen, and notice...I'll hop countertops to stop it, as it's my favorite number.

16. I was so scared to go past the accident site early on. Sgt. Merenda told me I could do it. He was right, I went by soon after. It gets easier with time and desensitization. We go by to Trader Joe's all the time. I have slowly, but surely been ticking off all the things I didn't think I could do. Some are harder than others. I was telling Dave as the life flight helicopter was leaving the top of Sutter last month and heading for Davis, "See I'm fine, I can handle this one now too!" and then lost my breath and started crying. Through tears I said, "okay maybe not quite." Some take longer than others...but that Sgt. Merenda - he's a wise one : )

17. I love how we can learn from each other. We all may not be where each other are on this journey of life, some may be at different life lessons, but we can all at some point and time learn something from one another. The key being...if we are opened to it.

18. For some reason lately, I feel afflicted by every ailment - even though I've had many blood draws, and my doctor visits are in check, etc. I suppose it's because of #12? I better go talk to My Maggy. It ebbs and flows since the accident, and it's usually because I feel I don't have the energy to fight one more battle!

19. I think this list is not what they had in mind when they made it up for the people in the magazine : )

20. I surround myself with very few really good friends. Not on purpose, it just happens that way. Especially after you know what (I get tired of saying it). It's not that I'm anti-social, it's just that I connect with fewer on a deep level.

21. My old favorite chip was Late July Dude Ranch, but it was recently overtaken by Real McCoy's Sweet and Spicy. If you haven't tasted them, run out and get a bag...you won't be sorry. I promise. But really, I hardly eat chips...

22. I think you know, but music has saved my life - literally. Especially in the last 4 years. This is one of my newest favorite songs. I'm wishing Rainey or Avi (wait, Avi was asleep, so Rainey) was videoing Dave, Amy and me last pie night to that song, because I would have been able to share the funniest video ever! But since Rainey was asleep in the makeshift passenger seat of our car of virtual insanity...I've got nothing : ( Sorry...

23. We have to keep a crazy sense of humor about all of this, which (borders - not borders) is sick and sometimes really twisted. I hear firefighters and hospice workers, etc. also do this in order to keep sane and continue on. It's a must, but I swear if you were a fly on the wall you might doubt our sanity. We don't do it in front of Aviana though.

24. In looking around the Internet and other places, I have seen how quick to judge people are. So snappy and snarky. I've been cringing lately at what I have seen. In actuality do we really know the plight of another? Is it really our place to say? I don't think so. People haven't a clue, but they sure like to think they do. Even after our CPS stuff, some suggested I shut my blog down. Yes, I thought about it for one brief moment the day it happened. I thought someone maybe used my own words against me. Then, the very next thought was, "no way! Forget it." Everyone gets a snapshot of what goes on here. Yes I write, sometimes vent, but how can I possibly say all that goes on? No one has a clue of what we have been through in the past 4 years. People of course can do whatever they want, but seriously...what I see all over the Internet and everywhere is sometimes some extreme judgment. I am thankful for my little therapy space and that I have good people here and nothing negative has ever been said to my face. I just wish it wasn't behind my back though either, as I think that is the worst kind....an adult conversation sure would have been nice now wouldn't it?

25. Yes! This served as a great distraction! It's time for dinner with my b*tches. That sounds so rude, but that's what we, ever so affectionately, call ourselves ; )

Your turn!!

25 Baby!!

It's not easy.     


  1. Hi Jen, I came across your blog through a friend. I am a mom and a teacher with a background in working with children who have special needs. Children are a passion. I cannot walk in your shoes, but my oldest son did have a brain tumor as a toddler, and my youngest coded twice at birth. I admire your strength..now for my 25..not real exciting, but will give it a whirl..we all need support and encouragement, and fun

    1 My favorite color is blue
    2 I have 2 sons, 2 step-sons, and 1 previous step-son (love them all). By pure accident their names end in "an" or "en"
    3 I secretly wanted to try for one more baby (hoping for a girl) but was afraid it would be twin boys
    4. I weighed 3 pounds at birth
    5. I love to read
    6. I do not like to unload the dishwasher
    7. I am afraid of heights and snakes
    8. I have a mild anxiety disorder
    9 When we go to a restaurant I have to stack the dishes when we are done eating
    10 Starbucks green iced tea is my favorite drink
    11 My husband is the best thing that ever happened to me
    12 I got married in Colorado (eloped)
    13 I collect pocketbooks and shoes
    14 I once danced at Olive Garden in a tutu and hiking boots for a school show
    15 I won Teacher of the Year
    16 I am not athletic at all
    17 White tigers are my favorite animal
    18 Shrimp is my favorite food
    19 My best friend through college was a guy, and nope we didn't marry each other
    20 I spoil my 2 nieces (the only girls) with way to many cute clothes
    21 I like to do things for others (kind of like pass it on)
    22 I get embarrassed very easily and don't like public speaking
    23 Peach roses are awesome
    24 I like to wear my pajamas all day (when I can)
    25. I talk a lot and talk fast
    26 Bonus: My name is Jen also!!

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    2. Hi Jen!! Thank you so much for being here. Thank you for your compliments and thank you for your support : ) I couldn't agree more with the last sentence of your first paragraph! You sound as though you have walked a rugged road, but also look for what's good and fun along the way. I am sorry you've had to experience all you've had to with your kids, while at the very same time I know it makes us even more of who we are...more appreciative, more patient, kinder, gentler, etc. I'd trade it though ; ) Ha!

      I loved your 25!!!

      I couldn't believe #4 - that's amazing!
      I am right with you on #9 - former server, cocktail waitress and bartender here though, so that's probably why.
      11 - YES!
      12 - I can see why!!!
      15 - You are amazing : )
      19 - I love guy friends, I have a lot and love that my husband doesn't mind. Guys are drama free and low maintenance.
      21 - Me too!!! There's no other feeling like it : )
      24 - You are so cute!! My best friend is exactly the same!
      25 - cute!!

  2. Ok I don't think I'll get to 25 becasue I am at work but thought I would at least give you a few tantilizing tid-bits! Love you - Jess

    1. I think my dog's but is one of the cutest I have ever seen (thought you'd get a kick out of that Jen!)

    2. I have a tatoo of a wolf on my lower back

    3. I catch up on my e-mails at work (shhhhh!)

    4. I can't wear earrings because I am afraid something bad will happen (yes, I am going to therapy for this :) )

    5. I am very, very afraid of flying. I have to be totally druged up and drinking. Once I counted to over 9,000 because it was the only thing that kept me sane.

    6. I love, love, love high heels but I can't wear them because my back has been bad for a while (but is hopefully get better so I might be able to wear soon!!)

    7. I despise ants, totally and completely despise them. They gross me out to no end.

    8. I always said I would always be a rugged tent camper and not give in to RV camping... I am so ready to get an RV!!!!

    That's all I have for now! Love you Jen!

    1. Jess, Jess, Jess!! Go!!

      1. Yes I did!! And I Won't bore you with all of the parts of Rainey that I think are cute too ; )

      2. Oooohhh, I did not know, but that makes sense!

      4. What the?!? Are you serious? I did not know. I think you wore earrings back in our day fo sho, right?

      Ok...I didn't know the rest of these. You have developed into all these after the way back. I need to get to know this new Jess : )

      I love you!!!

      Come back!! Do more!!!

  3. 1. I was a preemie
    2. My mom's due date was jessica simpson's bday
    3. My husband is the only person that can make me hysterically laugh
    4. The exception though is people falling. I feel bad but it kills me.
    5. I fell down half the stairs last year and was in pain but couldn't stop laughing at myself
    6. I would only take a bullet for my husband and any dog (even one I never met)

    1. 3. That's a great thing, isn't it! To have a hysterical built in side kick : )
      4. YES! YES! YES! Agreed!
      5. Agree, I feel if you laugh at yourself too it voids the feeling bad at laughing at others' falling ; ) See!
      6. Dogs...I agree, and I tell Rainey that too. I also tell her, and Dave (all the time) that if she ripped my face off for any reason, that I know it was an accident and I forgive her already. I always tell Dave to make sure nothing happens to her and to make sure and tell everyone on my behalf (because my face will be ripped off and I won't be able to talk) that I said it was an accident and NOTHING better happen to her and she better stay with US. I feel we need to have these conversations : )

  4. Sorry, my iPad froze.

    7) I make a great pasta sauce
    8) my BFF (after my husband) has an eating disorder but won't admit it and it breaks my heart
    9) my house still isn't fully re-done since hurricane sandy on 10/29
    10) my husband's renovating it with his dad. That's why it's taking so long but the upside is bc we have saved all that $ on labor, I've ordered furniture and accessories that are super expensive & beautiful. I never could've gotten stuff like this.
    11) I have way too many PJ pants
    12) I named my new dog after a Beatles song
    13) I have never been drunk
    14)I love organizing when I'm stressed
    15) I was in NYC on my way to college on 9/11
    16) strawberry kefir from trader joe is so delicious to me
    17) I did a benzo taper years ago that was HELLLLLLLLL even with liquid titration
    18) it was from Valium for back spasms (if you ever taper Xanax go slowwwwwwwww)

    1. 8. I am so sorry to hear that. That makes me so sad. That must be so hard!!!!!
      9. Again, I am sorry! I would imagine, that must make for an unstable feeling. I used to work for Farmers Insurance in property claims and when the houses were in disarray and the people were displaced or in disorder, I felt so bad.
      10. That's good. I hope that when it is all done, you are able to sit back, love on all your babes and relax in a way you never have before : )
      12. I LOVE IT! I wish you could have seen my bedroom in high school. Beatles from floor to ceiling! What song? I am the Walrus? Maxwell's Silver Hammer? Hey Bulldog? Dizzy Miss Lizzy? I can go on all day ; ) I'm just kidding. I'm curious though.
      15. That must have been surreal.
      16. I'm going to have to try it!
      17. That sounds like HELL!!!

  5. 19) I don't know why my things keeps freezing!
    20) I'm really tech-challenged
    21) you're one of few people I've "known" that loves animals as much as I do
    22) my husband and I have been a couple for almost 17 years
    23) 95% of the time we're so madly in love/infatuated with each other our friends say we have "movie" love
    24) 5% of the time we get annoyed at each other

    1. 20. Ha Ha : ) : )
      21. You make me happy to 'know' you ❤
      23. That is the cutest saying!!! and so great that you found each other. My cousin wrote in our wedding card "Always put each other first and everything else will fall into place." She was SO right. I think that was the single best piece of advice ever.

  6. 25) I don't know why this keeps freezing! And I love your blog :)

  7. 1. I have guilt for doing this list instead of other, IAHP-approved activities
    2. I am ticklish on my knees
    3. I love Matlock, Agatha Christie and other old timey murder mystery stuff
    4. I would kiss Tom Petty, Dave Grohl, and Jon Stewart square on the mouth if given the opportunity
    5. My favorite color has always been light blue, but for a time in third grade I said it was purple because every other little girl loved purple
    6. My Cabbage Patch kid's name was Rockwell Lawrence... He was a preemie. Hmm... never made that connection to my real-life preemie. (WOW! I'm learning things about MYSELF!)
    7. I was engaged to a "Jeff" years before meeting and marrying my husband, Jeff. Obviously the 1st one did not work out
    8. I watch annoyingly stupid reality TV
    9. I actually don't mind doing laundry
    10. I'm 1/2 Filipino, 1/2 French but don't really look like either
    11. I don't speak Tagalog or French, much to my mother's dismay
    12. My first kitten's name was Kitsy, but my dad and sisters called him Fathead :(((
    13. I hate my useless dishwasher
    14. I expect too much from others
    15. This list is getting pretty dark!
    16. I was in a magic show in Las Vegas (ahhh... that's better) and got levitated and chopped in half
    17. I was also a professional cheerleader for one short season in the Canadian Football League
    18. I laugh at my own jokes
    19. I really need a pedicure
    20. Penguins are my fave animal
    21. My feet are almost always cold
    22. Now this list has gotten boring
    23. If it weren't for my husband always scheduling it, we would never have date night
    24. I was on Wheel of Fortune when I was in my early 20's
    25. Guess WHOOOOOO?!?!??!

    1. I know who you are,

      LOVE YOU,

      and already wrote you back!!!

      I LAUGH at your jokes and think you should always laugh at your jokes too, because you are one of the funniest people I have ever met!!

  8. So here goes! Twenty five is hard!

    1. I keep my air at 65 degrees all the time. Then I sleep with a heating pad. I don't know why freezing my toosh off and then jumping in a warm bed gives me such immense pleasure. My husband sleeps in socks, sweat pants and hoody (hood pulled up tight over his head). Patient man! I have multiple heating pads through out my house. I call them my heating stations.

    2. I hate husband bashing. Loyalty is where it's at.

    3. I will not walk next to the railing in a mall. I have always been afraid that some one will go physco and throw me over the edge. It happened this past summer in Bahrain and my friend saw it happen! This man threw his son over the edge and killed him. Awful !

    4. I love rice vinegar on watermelon. Delicious!

    5. Head boards and foot boards, I love them. Growing up we always just had the bed on the metal frames ( my mom was a no frills kind of gal). I would spend the night with my girlfriends who all had pretty little canopy beds and dream of the day when every bed in my house had head and foot boards. My mom and I laugh about it now. She never knew I felt that way as a child. And yes, every bed in my house is endowed with beautiful head and foot boards.

    6. I Hate Mushrooms!

    7. My dad used to let me sit on his lap at church and roll his tie up so tight that his face would turn bright red from lack of oxygen. Then we would think it was funny and laugh. My mom got mad and scolded my father. Said he was setting a bad example. We said we would behave the next week, but the temptation would be too great, we were repeat offenders and spent the rest of the week repenting.

    8. I love any and all hair products. My girlfriends love it because they get all my discards.

    9. I can't go to sleep without rubbing my toes between my sheets. I know weird.

    10. I trained my dog to lie on her back, put her paws together in the air and beg for loves. I then have to get down on the floor and smother her in kisses. It always puts a smile on my face.

    1. First things first. When you sent the first installment through, I instantly thought - ohhhh she only sent 10 - I wanted her to send MORE!!! I want to KNOW MORE!!!!!! And then you sent MORE and I was SO HAPPY!!!!!!

      Ok...so anyway : )

      1. You're funny. Yes, that patient man must love you : ) And the mental picture you painted of the patient man cracked me up!

      2. I completely agree with you! I have a secret dislike of girls' night out and would rather go out with a group of guys, or a guy/girl mix for the reason you listed, as in my experience that's what often times tends to happen.

      3. Oh my gosh!! THat is awful! I can't imagine seeing something like that : (

      4. I have never heard of that, but I love the two individually so when I read that it sounded like a match made in heaven. I will have to try it!

      5. Beautiful!! I agree with you. Growing up with my mom, I had the beautiful canopy. When I moved with my dad, I didn't. Every bed in my house has both headboard and footboard. I completely agree with you. I think they look unfinished without. I think it's cute that you and your mom laugh about it now and she never knew.

      7. That's one of the sweetest memories I've read - made my heart smile : )

      8. Someone has to try them all, right?

      10. I want to see!! I think I'll fly to you just to see!!!!!!

  9. I am having to write this in two parts, my computer is being difficult. Of course it couldn't possibly be user error.

    11. I have been married for thirty years and my husband rocks. I love him so much! I also have three boys and one girl.

    12. Boogers! They disgust me. Especially little kid boogers. I sit in the front row at church because when we partake of the sacrament( like communion) I don't want to eat the bread after all the kids have touched it. I know that at some point that day their fingers have been in their nose. Yuck!

    13. People who pick food out of their teeth at the table. Gross!

    14. I have the worst singing voice of anyone I know. My dad was so concerned about it that he had me take private singing lessons as a teenager. It did not help. Funny thing is , I don't care at all. I get in the car, turn up the radio loud and sing away. The harder my daughter wails for me to stop, the louder and longer I sing.

    15. I talk a lot when I get nervous. Really, I can't shut up. It's like the ever ready bunny, I just keep on going and going.

    16. Love the sound of a sewing machine. My mother's sewing nook was right outside my room growing up. I would fall asleep listening to the sound of her machine.

    17. My favorite place to talk to god is in my car. No one thinks I'm crazy because they assume I am on my cell phone.

    18. I too laugh at people when they fall. It is a family trait, all three of my siblings do it. It's our mothers fault. She taught us to do this. We are equal opportunity laughers. We laugh at ourselves just as as much as we laugh at others.

    19. I love to make up rhymes, this always happens in the car. My children get annoyed and my husband laughs, which of course encourages me to keep going. I chuckle till I buckle.

    20. Love to talk to strangers. Especially in airports, we live in Saudi Arabia and fly a lot. You can pick up so many pearls of wisdom from people around the world. The crossing of paths may be brief, but influence lingers on.

    21. I can't eat at the zoo. I love animals a lot, but their habits are a little uncivilized and my poor tummy just can't take it. I see whole families having picnics across from the monkey exhibit. Umm can we say GROSS!

    22. My cousin and I use to practice French kissing on our pillows. Other than getting feathers in our mouth we didn't get much out of it.

    23. I went to a Bon Jovi concert three weeks ago and screamed so loud that the group next to us kept taking turns sitting next to me. I wondered why they kept moving around. It made since win near the end of the evening my daughter patiently turned to me and said " mom, you have got to stop yelling". Ding ding ding! The light went on. Those people were moving around because of me!

    24. I am a magazine junkie. Can't tell you how many times I have bought the same magazine twice. I never finish reading them all and so I forget which ones i have.

    25. When I lived in Kyrgyzstan I volunteered in an orphanage. Loved it! Worked in the new born to year old nursery. I wish other countries were more open to expats adopting from their countries. So many babies with so much love to give.

    I love your blog and this has been so much fun.

    1. 11. It sounds like you have a beautiful family ❤

      12. Ha Ha! Constant thinker. I am the same way. I analyze like that ; )

      13. ABSOLUTELY!

      14. Love it!

      16. Nostalgia. I love those types of sounds. The ones that just rock you to sleep. For me it's a football game. I can never seem to make it through, it's like a lullaby : )

      20. You are so right. So right. Oprah used to do this show, and it was my very favorite - it was when she would interview people around the world and see how they lived. Just in everyday life and on everyday subjects. It was always very eye opening. It seems at the core we are all so much the same in our wants and needs, but we live life and have different perspectives based on where we are. What we view as important or not, etc.

      22. Ha!!

      23. As long as you were having fun...it doesn't matter. That's what I say!!!! You're the kind of concert goer I want to be WITH!!!

      24. That is just too funny!!

      Thank you so much. I really appreciate your comments and compliments. I so love you being here!!

  10. I'm sorry about the difficult appointment with Aviana....sending love and light to you.

    hmm....i need to think about my 25. :)

    1. Hi Isabel! It's so nice to see you! I've missed you. I hope you are doing well. Thank you so much for your comment. I'd love to hear your 25, I'm sure it would be fun, interesting and introspective!

  11. Loved this post! Thanks for it.

  12. Okay, I love lists... so here's mine:

    1) I'm curious to hear about your appointment regarding Aviana but at the same time I dread hearing about it because I don't want to hear anything that's not going in a good direction for her.

    2) I have a tattoo on my bikini line -- it's a heart with my husband's name inside. I got mine first, then he got his (with my name inside) on his shoulder. We did this back in 1994 and that is the only tattoos he and I have.

    3) I don't enjoy flying. But when I have to, I MUST cross my fingers during take-off and can only uncross them when we have reached our "cruising altitude" -- I've been doing this since I was a little girl. I can't remember a time when I didn't do this. And I can't stop now - the entire plane depends on my crossing my fingers. If I didn't do it...just once...oh, I can't even think about it!

    4) I can't ever leave a knife out on the kitchen counter, or on a cutting board. It has to either be put away, or if it's dirty it goes in the sink. I have this weird fear that, if left out just sitting there, it can spontaneously shoot out by some unseen force and stab me or someone else. Crazy, I know. I must have seen it in a movie or something.

    5) I lose my temper with my kids a lot more than people think I do. People assume that just because I have nine kids (almost 10) that I must have the patience of a saint. I'm here to say that it just ain't so. I can lose it just like any other mom.

    6) I love my iPhone. Wouldn't want to live without it. Seriously.

    7) I've never been on a cruise before, and neither has my husband. We've been married almost 21 years and have always said we would take a cruise together once the kids get a little older. Well, the kids DO get a little older, but new ones are always coming. So who knows when we will go on a cruise together. Probably when we are in our retirement years, lol.

    8) My favorite number is 14 because that's my birthday day.

    9) When I was about 11 years old my friends and I played with a Quija board. I asked it the name of my future husband and it spelled out RICH. I married a Rich. I also asked it how many kids I would have, and it landed on the number 10. My friends and I thought for sure the board wasn't working because no one we knew had THAT many kids...so we asked it again and again and again and it always said TEN. And here I am pregnant with our #10. FREAKY. (never play with Quija boards)

    10) I like the smell of clean laundry coming out of the wash. I can't ever put it into the dryer without taking a sniff first.

    11) My middle name is Marie. It was the MOST COMMON middle name when I was growing up.

    12) All of my kids' names start with the letter "A" -- I'm somewhat of a collector. I collect A named children.

    13) I love blogs. I could spend my entire day on the computer reading other people's blogs. But I find that when I do, I compare my blog to those out there, and I then I don't write in my own blog because I feel that it just doesn't measure up to the really good blogs out there. There are some really talented writers out there.

    14) I can't sleep without my exposed ear (the one not lying on the pillow) covered by either the sheet or my hair. To do so would only invite a bug or a spider from crawling inside and getting into my brain while I slept. Yeah, I must have seen that in a movie, too. No more scary movies for me, right?

    15) I can't finish my list because my kids are calling me down for dinner. That's RIGHT -- THEY cooked and are calling ME down for dinner! I love having older kids who can DO for the family. Love it. So, I will be back.....

    1. Hi!

      1. Yes I'm slowly, but surely getting there huh ; )

      2. Ooohhh, I did not know!!!

      4. I understand, but to a different degree. I have to push them all the way back to the back of the counter. I always think it's going to somehow drop on Rainey or she's going to put her paws up and cause it to fall. When Avi was well, same thing.

      5. Yes, I thought that of you. I'm guilty. You seem so calm, patient, and cool...all the time. I can't even picture you losing it. Guilty as charged.

      7. In my opinion, forget the cruise. Do something else ; ) Once I knew where everything was I was instantly stir crazy and wanted off!!! And at each stop it was like the US getting off and back on. I felt it wasn't enough time to know a place, truly know it. Just my little opinion. I guess you either are a cruise person, or not.

      8. I couldn't believe your blog post about your favorite number and your pregnancy. I was amazed!!

      9. That is BIZARRE!!! I wish I had a memory and could remember what the board said when I played with it way back when?!? Did you ever see Witchboard? TTFN? Of course you did ; ) : )

      11. Try Jennifer

      12. You are a crack up.

      13. WRITE!! Comparing is the root of all evil. Or is it money. It's BOTH ; )

  13. I had no plans to do this, but then I wondered if I could so now I'm taking it on as a challenge.

    1. My favorite color is green...I think. It's always been pink, but now I think I need to grow up.

    2. I've had 128 babies, but I've never given birth. My babies were the best part of my life.

    3. I hate getting flowers, especially plants. I kill them so fast that I feel guilty to whoever sent them.

    4. I don't love animals, but I totally get why other people do because they love their animals like I loved my babies...right, Jen?

    5. I am a mindless TV watcher, mostly because it keeps me company. I love most reality TV.

    6. I just finished reading The Language of Flowers and it's the best book I've read in a very long time.

    7. My favorite chips are Cheetos.

    8. I love Chocolatemint water by Metromint. If you've never tried it, I recommend it....no calories.

    9. My first car was a 1966 aqua VW. I drove it for 17 years. I should have kept it.

    10. I'm going to be 70 in June. I've kidded myself for the last decade that the 60's were the far side of middle age. 70 is old!

    11. I hate my name...HATE! Their other choice was Karen. I love that name.

    12. I'm adopted. My daughter is adopted. It runs in our family.

    13. I love doing laundry. I love neatly piled stacks of folded clothes. I'm a neatfreak.

    14. I taught first and second grade for 14 years. I love second graders. They're the perfect mix of first and third graders.

    15. I had my first MRI last week. Weird!

    16. I hate oranges. Who hates oranges? Nobody else I know. I love chocolate covered orange sticks though.

    17. I love Starbucks. Right now my favorite drink is their Unsweetened Black Tea/Lemonade.

    18. When I was in elementary school, I went to a little red one room schoolhouse with all 8 grades in it and I was the only one in my grade. I think that's why I hang onto my friends so tightly...I didn't have many for a long time.

    19. I hate camping.

    20. OK, I'm tapped out of ideas.

    21. Happy Mother's Day, Jen! You're one of the best mom's I know. I love you!


    1. I'm so happy you did, and of course you could...you have so many interesting things about yourself : )

      1. You and me both...GREEN!!

      2. I loved the way you wrote the first part of that sentence, and you know how much I admire you!

      3. Again, you and me both!!

      4. RIGHT, and reverse it for me ; )

      11. I happen to really like your name ❤

      15. Click, clack, clack. I have never had one, but have been right there with Aviana through a few.

      16. Yes, you're the first I have ever met : )

      17. Hmmm...I might have to try that one! And you know how I feel about the Bucks : )

      18. I would love to see that little red schoolhouse and I am so happy we are friends.

      Thank you my sweet and I love you TOO!!!!

  14. I enjoyed reading your list. You posted this on the 30th, where have I been?

    1. Facebook has become my morning newspaper.
    2. My favorite number is 11.
    3. I have vowed I will never ride on an airplane again.
    4. Or a boat.
    5. I get extreme motion sickness very easily.
    6. I found a single bed bug once in a shirt that I bought from Walmart and now I have a phobia about buying new clothes. If I buy something new once I get home I look it over really well inside & out.
    7. When I was working the late shift in college I was belting out this Leann Rhimes song in the elevator, I don't remember the title but it was someting about "How do I live". No one else was usually in thebuilding but when the doors opened there were 2 guys standing there bless their hearts who were trying not to laugh who were waiting for the elevator. I could have died right there from embarrassment. I got out & they got in and luckily I have never seen them again.
    8. My favorite foods are barbecue and spaghetti.
    9. And if I have barbecue that then makes me hungry for s'mores, which I will then usually cook.
    10. Becoming a mother saved my life.
    11. I would be lost without my husband.
    12. I HATE to pump gas. The fumes make my hand smell so gross, yet I am too embarrassed to put on some disposable gloves. I don't want to look like a freak.
    13. My favorite color is green.
    14. I think of the woman who gave birth to A more than I thought I would.
    15. I have bad falling arches and can only wear orthotic shoes :-( Except when I go to teas. ha!
    16. My favorite flowers are yellow roses.
    17. I enjoy being pale and don't enjoy going out in the sun. I have accepted now I'll just burn instead of tan anyway.
    18. I generally don't drink sodas, but if I do I'll splurge on a 7-up.
    19. I used to write poetry but can't anymore. I don't know why.
    20. I weigh myself every morning and write it in my calendar. But I'm not losing weight so it's not not doing much but I feel the need to write it down anyway.
    21. I daydream about adopting another child but can't figure out how that would work out in my real life.
    22. In college I majored in microbiology and wanted to work in a lab running bloodwork, etc. Keep in mind this was pre-CSI so I was cool before that kind of stuff was actually cool. I dropped out mid Junior year when I lost my scholarship. Damn chemistry class.
    23. I don't like the way having on make-up feels.
    24. I keep my toenails painted but never my fingernails. Because I don't have the time to invest in a manicure because I'll get pissed off at the first chip and take it all off.
    25. I have seen every episode of Dancing With the Stars this season. My grandma's real into it and it gives us something to talk about and have in common.

    I didn't think I could do it but this was fun!

    1. CHANNE!!!

      12. Yes!!! Me too! Can't stand it! Ever! I think it should just reappear.I don't mind the fumes, in fact, I love the smell...I just don't like the time it takes and the thought of everyones' dirty hands touching everything. GROSS!!!

      13. GREEN! GREEN! GREEN!

      14. Agreed.

      15. : )

      21. Oooohhh, I had no idea...

      22. Interesting!

      23. I don't either! I didn't wear make-up until my mid 20's and hardly do still, but unfortunately recently my face has gotten so bad I have to cover this junk up more than I care to when I go out-out : ( : (

      25. That is really super sweet!!

      I'm so happy you did. I love everything you write and love hearing from you : ) You make me happy!!