Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Share the Avi Around

My favorite

"Rainey, lights really aren't my thing...do you think you could be a doll and put them on this year? Thank you!"

Avery and Avi used to go crazy together. Avery was the boss, and Avi...well, let's just say Aviana was finding her way ; )

My friend Summer called and said Avery was really excited to bring Aviana her presents. So sweet.  

Celebrating early with Dave's family. These are our nieces and nephews on his side.

Celebrating with my Mom, Gary, Roger, Rella, and my cousins before we went up to Tahoe.

Feel the love : )

Hey, what about me...

did they ask about me?


  1. Great shots and stories! It was super to see the Hodder grands all together.

    1. Thank you! Nice to see you and happy we can share the family with you : )

  2. I love all those photos! Gosh, I've missed your blog. I lost ALL my blog links due to a computer glitch. Then I took a break from blogging all together. Now I'm back, and I had to enter/find all my favorite blogs again. I kept entering www.thelongandwindingroad.com for yours! I knew that was the title of your blog, but forgot that the URL was different. Duh!

  3. Poor little neglected Rainey, so sad that you leave her out of things.....

    Skippyjon Jones books are the BEST!!!!

  4. great pictures! I love the one of Avi looking up at the tree. Something about the wonder of twinkling lights - reminds me of how I used to like to lie down on a blanket and stare at our tree when I was little.